Propeller Clock on a Mirror.



Since there are two pic cpu's in this project, there are also two software's.

I will still try to make a description with flowcharts and everything. I just don't know when :-( 

At first I did not put the code here for download, you had to mail me to receive the code. I did this because I wanted to know how much interest there was for this project. The number of request I got the last two months proved to me that a lot of you are building this clock. To reduce the overhead in my mailbox I decided to let you download the code from the web-site.

All I ask in return is that you send me a picture of your clock when it is finished. 

Code v1.05.exe (Self-Extractor)


A new version of de code is available. It has some improved calculations for the display and some change to the base-code to support the new linear regulator for the motor speed.

Code v1.06.exe (Self-Extractor)


The code is available for free! But if you appreciate my work, maybe you can make a small donation through PayPal. Thanks is advance.