Propeller Clock on a Mirror.




9 Oct 2003 : Compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Please read them before mailing your onw questions to me, or post a question on the forum. 

24 Feb 2003 : Some hard- and software changes. Look in Electronics and Software section to find out more.

17 Jan 2003 : Jasper Diepstraten from Holland had this great idea to start a discussion forum about this propeller clock. He prepared everything for me so all I had to do was past the link in my web-pages. I hope you all enjoy it. If you have any questions, remark or suggestions about the propellerclock, please feel free to post a message on the forum.


18 Dec 2002 : There was a small error in the circuit diagram for the base-electronics. The index-led was not wired correctly. This is fixed now, a new circuit diagram for the base electronics is available in .gif and in Eagle format.


16 Nov 2002 : A complete 6x7 character generator with 128 characters is now programmed in the pic. To make this charaters I used an excel sheet. There are some characters left at the end that are still undefined. These can be used to make symbols or special chars. In Text-mode the clock will act as an 14 x 1 line character display. The first character at the 7o'clock position and the last character at the 5 o'clock position. A string programmed in eeprom will scroll over the display. 


2 Nov 2002 : The new features to store and recall the display content treats the display as a complete graphical display. Every pixel is stored. This is not practical because it uses a lot of memory (only one display content in 120 byte eeprom). And it is also difficult to edit. The rotating display is not very useful as a graphical display. It is only useful as a text-display. That is why I am now thinking of programming a character-generator in the pic. This would allow to store a 128 char string in the eeprom memory of the pic that can scroll over the display. Editing the text could then be done with te remote control. Problem here is that the char-gen will use 768 program words ( 128 char * 6 bytes/char), the pic 16F628 only has 2048 program words and the current program uses 1024 words. This leaves me only 256 words program space. We'll see if I get there !!!