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Duxford on 06 july 2013

Flying the Robin DR-400 F-GYKM we visited the Duxford museums and had a chance to see some war birds flying !

Fond de Gras - 2012

You can see some old 'smoke' trains at the Fond de Gras at Luxembourg !



AMX - Italian air force

Great details pictures of the Italian AMX.

A-7H - Helenic air force

Great tiger scheme on this A-7H.

L-159 ALCA - Czech air force

Great moment when the ALCA was flying and going back to the stands.

Saab Grippen - Czech air force

Tiger meet eyes.

Mig-29 - Slovaquia air force

Great Mig-29 on the Slovaquian colors.

Tornado IDS - Germany air force

One of the last Tornado IDS of Germany air force.

F-16 - Belgian air force

Beautifull F-16 of Belgiun air force.

Mirage III - Swiss air force

Not flying this day but a very beautifull Mirage III.

Vampire - Swiss air force

So nice to hear the Vampire engine running, this small jet is still flying in Switzerland on air shows.

Hawker Hunter - Swiss air force

To see this Hunter flying was great, I will build exactly this one in the future.

Hawker Hunter T.68 - Swiss air force

Thanks to my friend Gerard JOSSI for all these great pictures.

Mirage F-1 - France air force

Great exhaust details.

F-5B - Spain air force

An old spanish F-5B, not so easy to see on air shows.

Hawk - Royal air force

Very nice RAF black Hawk.

Su-22 M3 Polish air force

A very beautiful tiger meet Su-22 of the Polish air force. I had the opportunity to get into the front cockpit and it was great !

F-16 engine

Very cool external details!



T-28 trojan

Very nice preserved T-28 trojan !

MS 406/D-3801

The MS 406 was


I had a chance to see this B-25 flying, the engines sound....what a great thing !

Bronco - Germany Air Force

Even if the rain was there, I could take some pictures of this Bronco !


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