History Jincheng Singa




         The Jincheng JC50Qis called Singa in the Netherlands. Singa is the Chinese word for Monkey. This translation also explains that in fact the Singa is a exact copy of the Honda Monkey


This copying is done so perfectly that most parts are interchangeable. What is very remarkable is that the Jincheng Company is a daughter of the Suzuki concern (and has no relation with Honda). The Jincheng company is very large; they produce more than 30 models of motorcycles and there are more than 40.000 (!!!) employees. they also produce parts for industrial-machines and the aircraft-industry. 

Visit their website at :  www.jincheng.com 




The JC50Q has different names all over the world. In Germany it is called Quickfoot and is mostly sold by mail-order.     



In the USA it is called Panda Fun Rider :   



And in Italy it is called Doggy50 :    

You can also take a look at the site of the Dutch importer : www.singa.nl  or on its

Belgian counterpart Intrafina :                                                   www.intrafina.be .




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