Murielle Babin-Gay                                                          


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    Peinte-art-13.gif                    Born in the Parisian suburbs, I have been painting for 18 years, first as a hobby and more recently as my prime activity. Married to an Englishman, we have two daughters and now live in Belgium.

I started painting watercolours in the early 1990s in Princeton, New Jersey and focussed on marine scenes. I then found interest in oil painting and took regular classes in Lyon, France and since April 2007 in Brussels.
I paint on average 15 hours a week. I find oil painting using a pallet knife a particularly challenging medium and favour themes such as people and landscape.

My inspirations are drawn from travels, day to day scenes, vibrant colours eminating from natural wonders or movement in anything from buses, people or waves. I most particularly admire Paul CÚzanne, Wassily Kandinsky and Nicolas de Stael.