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also playing: Bonjour Didier Mairy! and maybe Hellvete brings his banjo with him to play a little surprise act... all these uncertainities!

flyer schurftbal:

3 dec o7 WÖS!

as told, 22 dec: wolfsaars II, and it'll be called
and i'm very proud to announce that dronevolk , a documentary about the belgian psych/drone/weird/folk, will be screened.


27 nov o7

bad news and good news:
Bad: Wolfsaars II is cancelled due to locationlessness... i'm very sorry and i want to apologise by axolotl and his friends. Sorry lads.
Good: I play in a new band, and it's called "the cancer trio", no idea what's gonna be, but we play on 19 jan at KC Netwerk at Aalst. O yeah, we're a duo.
Also good: 22 dec: wolfsaars II (not with axolotl), but a houseclosing party at my home, still the ossenstraat, with kazuamsumaki and the guernica. More laters.

22 okt o7

29 okt: evil fons in tienen

see also mangenerated

12 okt o7

there's a wolfsaars II on the way. WRITE "4 DEC" DOWN!
also evil fons will be playing on the 29 nov, in Tienen. More info soon.
not to forget: within three weeks, the penguins know why EP will be released!
more releases: 'wo ile sun' by saints, if i find some spare time, it should be released next month.

16 jul o7

bear bones, lay low is from now on available at volcanic tongue

o5 jul o7

you can find the agnus dei records at the freaks end future

26 jun o7

Finally, a new release on agnus dei records:
maldad humana I, a new record by bear bones, lay low-the soloshit of ernesto gonzales.
hail to this fucker.
details HERE

14 jun o7

allright, for now there is the great wolf's arse feast.

duivvv (be - meetjeslandse psych drone)
hellvete (be - pagan folknoise with choir)
bear bones lay low - (ve - powerdrone with skulls and noise)
acid furious (be - crap-fi acid house)
kosmische keuterboeren (be - new wave bass vocal drone madness)

30 june, 15h27

ossenstraat 78, ghent

15 mrt o7

just in →

19 feb o7

as you probably have seen: a new layout...
please welcome the buttplugflea →→→→→→→→

also a myspace for promo purposes, but it isn't completely ready yet.

1o feb o7

new label, new tape, more to come.