Here some practical information regarding the exhibition "Universe" in Tilburg:

- Address: NS plein 16, Tilburg.
- Dates / hours: September 13-14-15, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
- Admission is free, but  understandably the access will sometimes have to be limited if the influx is too large.

- I will always be present at the exhibition, and will be happy to answer all questions. I ask for understanding that this may prevent me from having the time to sign all possible items.
Yet I insist that every copy of my book sold is signed, along with a unique sketch of a (usually benign) figure. That is why I spent the entire summer busy "signing" my books in advance.

- The most important part of the exhibition will consist of larger oil paintings and watercolors, which, although for sale, will remain on site until the end of the exhibition.

- There will also be quite a lot of work of a smaller size that can be taken with you when purchasing. These are drawings, watercolors, oil paintings, oil sketches and etchings.
These smaller works vary in price from € 150 (etchings) to € 1200 (oil paintings of 30 x 30 cm)
- Whether the slightly larger formats can be included in the purchase depends on how the exhibition is set up, and can only be decided on site and in agreement.

- Three Ayreon cover paintings will be exhibited, including "The Electric Castle". Of course they are not for sale, as they are owned by Arjen.
- The three  watercolor originals of the "Electric Castle" textbook are also exhibited. These are for sale, but must of course remain on site until the end.

- For the occasion, and with great pleasure, I made an etching, "The Castle" in which the castle prominently figures. Each etching is manually printed, signed and numbered, up to 90 copies.
The price for an individual etching is 150 €. Of these prints, no two are exactly the same, due to the nature of the printing process.

As a promotion on this occasion, I offer the combination etching & book (normally 150 + 45 = 195) for € 160.
The etching can also always be purchased separately.
This offer also applies to another etching of the same size, of which I have printed 50 copies.

- To give people who can only come on Saturday or Sunday a chance, I will only bring 40 copies of "the Castle" on Friday, and 25 each in the following days.

- This also applies to the other small works: I will keep a number for each exhibition day.

- Purchases can be payed with cash, bank contact, Visa or Mastercard.