Let me introduce myself. I'm Johan Ceulemans, living together with Wendy and proud father of two daughters Yana and Hanne. At our home you can't find dogs or cats, just racing pigeons. I have got the "microbe" of my grandfather. After the W.W. II he was a passionate short distance racer. When I became interested in pigeons, he was no longer racing them. He only had some birds for fun. It was he who learned me the basics and some tricks. After a while, I took over his birds.

In 1990, I became a member of a pigeon racing club in Kalmthout and started to race on the short distances. I was assisted by Lucien Cas, who was kind of a mentor at that time. No major performances were achieved, probably due to lack of time and precision. The next years - due to university - I even had less time available for my hobby. After some years I decided to try my luck on the middle distances ( 500 km). Some nice prices were obtained, but the pigeons did not perform at a constant level. Probably the loft (lot of moisture) was not ideal for the birds.

In 2005 I ran into the love of my live. Spring 2006, we bought a house in Essen, near Roosendaal. Only the best pigeons came along to the breeding loft in Essen. At that time I also decided to focus on long distance races (500 - 800 km). In September 2006 the first young birds were born in Essen. Since only long distance races could interest me, Jimmy Brands offered me some pigeons for my new breeding loft. This was the first injection towards long distance racers. New introductions during recent years came from A.P. Overwater (inbred super As), Marco Meijer (inbred Pau doffer), Frederik Leliaert and Carlo Berghmans.

From 2007 till 2014 I've participated in Belgian races (short and long distance).Some of the results you can find under "Results".

From 2015 I'm a member of the Dutch foundation (NPO) and I will participate the "marathon" and ZLU races.

Please take a look at my site and feel free to comment.