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ScubaBase discontinues its commercial activities on September 30, 2010.

The ScubaBase HumMapper is a non-commercial product that can be downloaded freely.

HumMapper is freeware, no licence is reqiured.


ScubaBase stopt zijn commerciële activiteiten op 30 september 2010

De ScubaBase HumMapper is een niet commerciëel product dat vrij te downloaden is.

HumMapper is freeware, vrij van licentie.

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Basses de l'Ile d'Or / Le Dramont (Frejus - France)
Basses de l'Ile d'Or
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Basses de l'Ile d'Or
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Deep Water / Banc de Frejus. Right upper corner the remains of an antique (probably) Roman vessel (Frejus - France)
Deep Water Scan
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Humminbird Side Scan Sonar
Humminbird Waypoints: Show them on Google Earth


Shows your waypoints on Google Earth. HumMapper is a waypoint-based logbook.

Clicking on a Google Earth pin-point shows all related data, including waypoint details, user images and dive profiles.

Supports Humminbird waypoint GPX-files.

Direct download of waypoints from instrument: Humminbird 1197c SI.

Direct download of dive profiles from Reefnet's dive recorder SENSUS Pro.

Multi instrument support.

Supports air, Nitrox, Trimix and calculates max. ppO2 and Central Nervous System toxicity (%CNS)
HumMapper Startup Screen

You can download the manual or watch the Flash Tutorials to see all the new and extended features.

Software & Manual UK Flash Tutorials UK    (best viewed greater than 1024x764)
Download HumMapper 2.1 (zip 4.4 Mb)
Download HumMapper 2.1 (7z 274 Kb)
Download Manual HumMapper 2.1 (pdf 7.5 Mb)
Test GPX-file from a 1197c SI (gpx 1.93 Kb)
In case you screw up the HumMapper database:
Empty HumMapper 2.1 database (accdb 640 Kb)
How to view dive profiles I (swf 2.0 Mb)
How to view dive profiles II (swf 1.2 Mb)
How to view dive profiles III (swf 1.0 Mb)
How to view  Images (swf 3.2 Mb)
How to download waypoints (swf 0.9 Mb)
How to download dive profiles (swf 1.0 Mb)

Manual HumMapper 2.0
HumMapper 2.0 illustrated manual. Already available for  download.
(Click on the image to have a full view)
HumMapper Main Screen
HumMapper start screen.
(Click on the image to have a full view)
Multi Select Waypoint Details
Click on a pin-point in Google Earth to see the details.
(Click on the image to have a full view)
Multi Select Images
A screen shot of HumMapper 2.0 (coming soon).
(Click on the image to have a full view)

  • HumMapper 2.0 is implemented using VB.NET 2010 / Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (an absolute necessity).
  • Install Google Earth (an absolute necessity).
  • Unzip or HumMapper2.0.7z in a dedicated directory/folder, for example C:\HumMapper2.0\ or C:\users\Public\HumMapper2.0\.
  • Do not  use C:\Program Files\ as target directory/folder. Ms Vista and probably higher has a very protective behaviour when third party programs are trying to write data to this directory. Since the HumMapper database has to reside in the application directory/folder writing/saving data to the database will fail if the HumMapper 2.0 application is installed in C:\Program Files\.
  • The compressed HumMapper2.0 files contain 2 files: HumMapper2.0.exe and the database HumMapperDB.accdb.
  • The HumMapper 2.0 Manual shows you how to use HumMapper.
  • You can also download a test GPX-file (3 waypoints).
  • You can always start from scratch by downloading a new empty database.
  • Tooltips on every item show extra information.
  • HumMapper 2.0 is ontwikkeld in VB.NET 2010 / Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Installeer Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (absoluut noodzakelijk).
  • Installeer Google Earth (absoluut noodzakelijk).
  • Unzip of HumMapper2.0.7z in een daarvoor gereserveerde directory/folder, bv. C:\HumMapper2.0\ of C:\Gebruikers\Openbaar\HumMapper2.0\.
  • Gebruik in geen geval C:\Program Files\ als programma directory/folder. Ms Vista en waarschijnlijk hoger vertoont een afschermend gedrag indien programma's trachten gegevens weg te schrijven in deze directory. Daar de HumMapper database zich in dezelfde directory/folder moet bevinden, zal het wegschrijven van gegevens in de database falen indien HumMapper 2.0 geïnstalleerd is in C:\Program Files\.
  • De gecomprimeerde HumMapper2.0.bestanden bevatten 2 bestanden: HumMapper2.0.exe en de database HumMapperDB.accdb.
  • De HumMapper 2.0 Manual toond hoe HumMapper gebruikt kan worden.
  • Men kan een test GPX-file downloaden (3 waypoints).
  • Men kan steeds van scratch beginnen door een nieuwe lege database te downloaden.
  • Tooltips geven over elk item bijkomende informatie.