Although I haven't had much time for that lately, I pretty much enjoy cooking and reading classical recipe books. According to my friends I'm rather good at it but I prefer to say I'm indefinitely perfectible.

I mostly like French cuisine as defined by Escoffier but I'm always ready for more adventurous stuff like "nouvelle cuisine" or "cuisine moléculaire". What I hate the most is when words such as "can be done in five minutes" are attached to a recipe. The taste and the visual aspect is what matters (obviously).

Here's a collection of sites and books I enjoy quite a lot (mostly in French):

So the question is : is there a good book about Belgian cuisine ? I gotta find out :-)

Another thing I do is I collect movies where the food is an important part of the story. There's of course no mathematical recipe to decide when important is actually important enough but well, I'll say that it has to suit my taste :) So here's my collection:

And of course there are a few of them I still don't own. If you're looking for a gift idea, those are definitely welcome !

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Last published on 15/8/2008