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Welcome to Pearl Games!

We are a young publisher of modern board games. This site is a great place to present our games and their designers, but not only! We also announce our attendance at fair, we'll give you some tips to play at our games or we try to make you live closer to the genesis of our projects. Visit us regularly because we promise you a very informative site!

It is difficult to define an editorial line in a nutshell! Especially when one considers that the most important in a game design is nothing more than the emotions that the game can generate among the players ... Let us still define the future games Pearl Games:

- lively games bringing many different feelings among players

- mechanically strong, intelligent and original to highlight the first point,

- importance given to game design,

- games of all types for all types of players.

Thank you for your support and good parts!

Sébastien DUJARDIN

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