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  Brackets () mean : only conditionally available.



  (Vioolkoncerto in F) BBWV 1959.07
161 bars. Condition for performance : the audience must be acquainted with later works of the composer and has to be informed about the date and circumstances of this work. A performance of the first movement only is thinkable.
violin solo
violin I + II

(Twee Studies) BBWV 1959.20
56 bars. Vioolsolo. Two studies. Violin. For research only. 03:00'

Koncertino BBWV 1959.29
88 bars, 5:00'
trumpet in B
violin solo
violin II

(kort Trio) BBWV 1959.30
259 bars. Drie violen. Short Trio, three violins. Four movements (five minutes, one minute, one minute, four minutes). For research only. 11:15'

(Korte suite "Stilte a.j.b.") BBWV 1959.51
Short suite "Silence please". Silence please, we make noise.
Indication at the beginning reads :
Not too soft. 1.Elegie
Performance of the finished movement (Elegie) is possible. By way of information the second movement may be played as well, assuming the circumstances will be instructed to the public beforehand.

First movement 32 bars, 1:20'. Second movement Scherzo 57 bars completed, 1:20'.
Violin, piano

2de pianokoncert BBWV 1960.35
1-1-2-1, 0-0-0-0, timp-perc, piano solo, strings.
First movement completed, 229 bars. Second movement 41 bars. Performance of first movement alone is thinkable. Small coupures and corrections, especially in the orchestration, are maybe desirable.
1 : Allegro moderato molto 12:00'
2 : Adagio (Marcia funebre) 3:20'
The indication "allegro moderato molto" is not quite clear, but the metronome gives a precise speed.

(Pianosonate) BBWV 1960.39
1.Adagio molto – allegro cantabile e liscio - prest 78 bars
2.Largo mesto 22 bars
3.Allegro furioso – allegretto 78 bars
Public has to be informed that it is a work of youth. Better for research only.

(Mensenleven op.2) BBWV 1960.50
Human life. The piece consists of three movements, each of them being rather complicated as multiple structure, in which intersections give sometimes the impression of a new movement, after which however the former one reappears. For research only.
Violin and piano.
I : bar 1-234.
II : bar 235-321.
III : bar 321-445.
The interpretation requires more contrasts than written down. Performance should mention the age of the composer.

(Trio) BBWV 1960.51
2 violins, piano. 287 bars. Trio for two violins and piano. Three movements. For research only.

(Sonatiene) BBWV 1960.61
piano en 4 begeleidende violen. 62 bars. Sonatine for piano with accompaniment of four violins. For research only.

Duo Toneel II BBWV 1960.65
Duet "scene 2"
Two violins.

1 : Kerstmis. Andante. Bar 1-63
2 : [quarter=80]. Bar 64-136

Divertimentootje BBWV 1960.66
for violin, viola and piano
Movement I : bar 1-23
Movement II : bar 24-85

1ste Symfonie BBWV 1961.04
First symphony. Only the first movement is completed. Of the second, third and fourth movement exist only a few bars.
I : bar 1-500.
Orchestra : 4(+picc)-3-4-2(+kontrafagot), 4-4-0-0, timp., perc, strings
Thinning out the orchestra is worth to consider.

(Lighterfluid) BBWV 1961.10
recorder (tenor), violin, piano.
One single movement, 39 bars.
Condition for performance is the problem of balance, especially between the tenor-recorder and the piano. The composer solved it by playing with piano-part on tape, and playing it a bit lower. It is advisable to inform the audience on these situation, being somewhat a tape-composition.

Poerperen wand BBWV 1961.15
Piano solo. Purple Wall.In the Dutch title the word for purple intentionally has been miswritten. It is one whole piece, clearly to divide in three sections. The third one is a Dutch play of words with the French "passepied". 2:30'
1 : adagio piangevole. Bar 1-28
2 : moderato. Bar 29-55
3 : met de voeten getreden (passepied) bar 56-85.

Vioolkwartet [1] BBWV 1961.28
Quartett for 4 violins.
I : 99 bars. 4:10'
II : 22 bars. 2:30'

(Kerstkompozisi) BBWV 1962.03
Composition for Christmas, scored for 2 violins and 2 viola's. At the end a silver plate has to be used as a kind of bell. The title has been spelled as promoted by the Flemish poet Paul Van Ostaijen in his days, based on a phonetic principle. The normal writing should have been "Kerstcompositie". For research only.
I : 107 bars, 5:20'
II : 113 bars, 2:00'

Bagatellen BBWV 1962.09
The work consists of three pieces.
I : 7 powetiese zinnen.
Violin and piano. 127 bars, 5:40'
The spelling as in the previous work is the phonetic one. Correct orthography should have been "7 poëtische zinnen". It means seven poetic phrases.
II : b.
2 violins, piano and percussion. 127 bars, 5:30'.
III : swietis
2 violins. 151 bars, 6:40'
Subdivided in three movements : 1. Tralala / 2. Andante / 3. Allegro.
The title swietis once more is written in the spelling as explained in the previous work, and up to that makes an adjective pronoun of the substantive suite, meaning like a suite, suitelike.



  Trio BBWV 1963.01
2 violins and viola. Three movements, of which the second and the third are attacca linked to each other. This work has been quoted many times in later works.
I : 175 bars. 7:45'
II : 34 bars. 2:15'
III : 63 bars. 3:20

(Kleine swite) BBWV 1963.02
treble recorder, violin, viola (optional).
1. Broeder Jakob. 1:30
2. Au clair de la lune. 2:30
3. Ook zoiets. 1:30.
The title in the spelling of Van Ostaijen (but even more consequent by omitting the "e" after the "i") meaning "Little Suite". The three movements are parodies on folksongs, indicated by the subtitle. Broeder Jakob is Frère Jacques; Au clair de la lune is the folksong (mistakenly attribuated to Jean-Baptiste Lully). The third one of which the composer could not remember the title is called "something alike", in fact it is the German folksong Ein Jäger aus Kurpfalz.
The remark that the viola should be optional has to be dismissed. It is as necessary as the recorder or the violin.

Summier kerstkoncert BBWV 1963.03
violin, viola, piano.
I : 51 bars. 1:40'
II : 33 bars. 1:20'
III : 12 bars. 1:00'
Summarily christmas concert.

Allotropie BBWV 1964.08
musical graph. Instruments, duration undeterminate.
See score

Symbiose BBWV 1964.09
Violin, piano which also is playing the piano inside as percussion. Strictly serialist work.
See score

Simparolo I BBWV 1966.05
voice (mezzosoprano) and tape.
See score

Burokrasi B BBWV 1968.05
piano, mostly as percussion inside. The pianist also speaking, laughing, crying.
See score

Fransologie BBWV 1968.07
voice, free instruments and visual (theatral) performance.
Free duration.
See score

Sløjd BBWV 1968.09
Multimedia work consisting of several works some of which could be performed independently. The word operine is a neologism meaning a lighter opera like the sonatine is a lighter form of sonata.
See score.

(sine titulo) BBWV 1973.02
violin, viola and violoncello
Some 21 short pieces.

Geheime stukken BBWV 1973.03
Two violins, viola, spinet. Secret Pieces.
Short pieces in socalled free tonality.
See score

Sinfonia a quattro velocipedi BBWV 1974.01
Symphony for four sawn-through bicycles. Scores are mobile colored circles, which have to be put in accord with circumstances and materials. The bikes have to be constructed for a performance, because the original ones have been destroyed.

Symfonisch gedicht BBWV 1974.03
Symphonic poem consisting of seven nearly identical paintings on which soundmaking objects are fixed. The public may use them in order to produce sounds. The pictures by Jan Hoet are lost, for performance they have to be reconstructed.

Ra I BBWV 1975.01
Multimedia. The number I was given because of the intention to make more volumes, but that didn't happen.
See score

(SR 76) BBWV 1976.08
Spinet. 17 short pieces of a definite character, all on the same motiv. In some of them (e.g. In the piece called "Kagel"), the player has to use his voice also. The performance only may take place if the audience is acquainted with some of the many kindred pieces of later date, which are mostly more efficient and refined.
Approximately 15:00'

(The Narrow Road) BBWV 1978.03
Soprano (high, coloratura) and small orchestra, on texts by Basho.
Condition for performance is an ethical and professional approach in giving the piece a try-out, possibly even with slight changes, before a public performance.

O cello mio BBWV 1979.03
Violoncello solo; the performer also has to use small percussion, quite an important part it is.

Gate, gate, paragate, BBWV 1982.04
for a lonely percussionist. The score is a comic strip, depicting the actions the performer has to undertake; it implies a lot of accessories, no big serious percussion. The title is the beginning of the final mantram from the mahaprajnaparamita-hridaya-sutra. The title should read in English : Gone, gone, gone away,.
Duration indeterminate.



  (Puerto Rey) BBWV 1983.04
Six pieces with titles suggesting a journal of a holiday.
Condition for performance is that the pianist has some time before performed in public some later work stylistically related to this one, e.g. Short Lived. Similar between these two works is the extremely slow long last movement.The piece has an important quote from the
Trio BBWV 1963.01. Published by Lantro.
168 bars. 16:30'

P.C.Bloem BBWV 1984.02
violin, piano.
The poem in mind was Het regent en het is November by the Dutch poet J.C.Bloem (not P.C. As the title gives).

(T.Storm) BBWV 1984.07
violoncello, piano.
The piece may be, if anyhow possible, performed together with or in explicit connection to P.C.Bloem or, if that should be impossible, with In de buurt van Neptunus.8:00'

Just for me, alone BBWV 1984.09
Afterthought BBWV 1984.10
piano. 18 bars.
01:00'(publ. Lantro)

Drie stukken voor Peer in de vorm van drie stukken in de vorm van een peer BBWV 1984.12
treble recorder. The title means "three pieces for Peer in the form of three piece in the form of a pear". The last refers to Satie's work "Trois morceaux en forme de poire". The piece was asked for by a player born at the small Flemish village Peer, which is homonym to the Dutch word for pear.
The work has to be played on a treble recorder, not on a tenor recorder, because of the fingering in the score.

(Polish Violin) BBWV 1984.13
Violin. 100 bars. 05:00'

Adagio (the famous one, of course) BBWV 1984.15
The title refers to the popular merchandising with adagios of Pachelbel, Albinoni and kindred. 9:00'

Vóór het vertrek (op vakantie) BBWV 1984.21
flute and piano.26 bars. The title refers to the French revolutionary sentimental songs "avant le départ", giving it a turn by the remark "on hollidays". 02:00'

Bloemstuk BBWV 1984.27
piano. 169 bars. The work is conceived as an accompaniment to the reciting of some poems by J.C.Bloem (cfr BBWV 1984.02). The title refers to his name, clearly, but it means "arrangement of flowers", bouquet.
The poems concerned are fixed.

Strijkkwartet 1 BBWV 1984.28
2 violins, viola, violoncello. 348 bars.
"Van Sjostakovitsj tot Short Lived" means : from Shostakovich (at the start stylistically present as well as with his motive DSCH) to "Short lived" (meaning the pianowork BBWV 1984.32, of which the fourth movement has been quoted at the end). 12:00'. Published by Lantro.

Short lived BBWV 1984.32
piano. 220 bars.
This is a compilation of five pieces. 25:00'. Published by Lantro.

Verletzte Lieder BBWV 1985.04
Voice, piano. 71 bars.
The title is a play of words to the Vier letzte Lieder by Richard Strauss. Verletzte Lieder means damaged songs. 5:00'

Piotr Lunaire BBWV 1985.14
actress (or actor), one pianist also reciting poems, one pianist. Theatrical setting.

(Ya) BBWV 1985.15
4 piano's fourhanded.
Two movements, the first one being scored for four pianos, the second one for four piano's fourhanded.
I : 119 bars
II : 62 bars
Condition for performance is the seriousness to find out if there should be a conductor needed.

(L'invisibilité) BBWV 1986.01
Gu-zheng, percussion. The player of the gu-zheng also has to sing.

Vier erste Gesänge BBWV 1986.02
Voice (soprano), piano. 51 bars.
The title is a play of words to Brahms' Vier ernste Gesänge. Vier erste Gesänge means four first songs. Texts in German, English, French and Dutch. 05:00'

Barbara BBWV 1986.05
Voice (soprano), violoncello, piano.

(Voor de konijnen) BBWV 1987.01
String orchestra (recommended : 4-4-3-2-1)
For the rabbits

(Klakkeloos) BBWV 1987.02
String trio (violin, viola, violoncello).
165 bars
Unthinking (in the sense "I accepted it unthinkingly"). 07:00'

Dagdromen BBWV 1987.07
2 piano's. 123 bars

(Ce qu'on entend dans la salle de concert) BBWV 1987.09
Chamber orchestra.
For research only.

Strijkkwartet # 4 BBWV 1987.11
String quartett (2 violins, viola, violoncello). 249 bars.
11:00'. Published by Lantro.

Korte liedjes duren niet lang BBWV 1987.14
Flute, piano 100 bars.
litteraly : Short songs do not last long. The real Dutch proverb should be nice songs do not last long. Published by Lantro.

In de buurt van Neptunus BBWV 1987.15
Violoncello, piano
8:00. Published by Lantro.

Kantate BBWV 1987.16
Tenor solo, bariton solo, male choir, viola, violoncello.
235 bars.
Text : names of women chosen by the choirsingers.
4 Viola and 3 violoncello recommended.

1001 sonaten BBWV 1988.09
Violin, piano
circa 17 hours

Aftelrijmpjes BBWV 1988.10
Voice (soprano), piano. 131 bars.
title : children start playing by counting who'll be it for the first. Text are well-known Dutch examples of that genre.

Nazomer BBWV 1988.14
Flute, oboe, doublebass, piano. 118 bars.
Indian summer. Published by Lantro.

Altvioolsonate BBWV 1989.08
Viola, piano. Four movements. Published by Lantro.

De controversiële avonturen van Boduognat BBWV 1989.17
The controversial adventures of Boduognat. Published by Chiola Music Press.

Trio # 1 BBWV 1989.21
Violin, violoncello, piano. 236 bars. Published by Lantro.

Arpa della consolazione BBWV 1989.25

Trio # 2 Nunc Stans BBWV 1990.03
Violin, violoncello, piano. 263 bars. Published by Lantro.

Vele groetjes BBWV 1990.05
piano. 23 short pieces, all on the same motive.
Title comparable with the English ending of a message to friends with love.

Der schwer gefasste Entschluss BBWV 1991.04
Two singing and acting pianists. 210 bars.

Brief zonder woorden BBWV 1991.19

Blijf aan de lijn BBWV 1991.23
Pianist, a bit acting and speaking at the end.

Symposion BBWV 1991.24
violin solo, string orchestra. 156 bars.

Beste Claude BBWV 1992.02

Onvoltooide symfonie # 6 BBWV 1992.07

Onvoltooide symfonie # 2 BBWV 1992.08
orchestra (2-2-2-2, 4-0-0-0, timp, oerc, str)
203 bars

Onvoltooide symfonie 1 BBWV 1992.09
string orchestra (symphonic size).

Onvoltooide symfonie 7 BBWV 1992.10

Los caprichos BBWV 1992.11
piano 236 bars
13 short pieces on some of the series of the etchings by Goya by the same name. Published by Lantro.

Onvoltooide symfonie 4 BBWV 1992.12
Orchestra (2-2-2+Bkl-2, 2-2-2-1, timp,perc,vib,cel,2 arpa, str)
174 bars. 12:00'

Onvoltooide symfonie 3 BBWV 1992.19
Orchestra (picc+3-4-4-4, 4-4-3-1,timp perc tub.bells,str)

Onvoltooide symfonie 9 BBWV 1992.23
Soprano, choir, orchestra

Onvoltooide symfonie 5 BBWV 1992.24

Jeu de boules BBWV 1993.02

Loop allen naar de rode pomp BBWV 1993.10
choir (S-A-T-B). 6 songs

Strijkkwintet BBWV 1993.15
string quintett (2 violins, viola, violoncello, doublebass)
249 bars. Three movements. Published by Lantro.


Fles BBWV 1993.24
ensemble (Flute, bassclarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello). Bottle. 276 bars. Published by Lantro. 15:00'

Vierarmenkruispunt BBWV 1994.01
piano four hands. 164 bars. Consisting of seven short pieces. 8:30'

Kahk deelah BBWV 1994.03
violin solo.

Per C BBWV 1994.10
piano solo. Four movements. (1 : 280 bars/ 2 : 419 bars / 3 : 116 bars / 4 : )

Klein onbewoond eiland BBWV 1994.13
chamber orchestra. Small uninhibited isle.

Dreaming of Li-Po BBWV 1994.15
violin, gu-zheng. 78 bars.

Egyptisch lalalied BBWV 1994.19
Soprano, flute, viola, harpsichord. 4 songs. Egyptian lalasong.

Karoena BBWV 1995.02
(Chamber opera)

Sherlock Holmes Etudes BBWV 1995.08

Ex cello de coelo BBWV 1995.10
violoncello, piano. 164 bars. Published by Lantro.

Kwannon BBWV 1996.05
flute solo, string orchestra (recommended : 4-3-2-1-1).

Biografie van 24 wilgenblaadjes BBWV 1996.13
recorder, piano. Biography of 24 leaves of a willow.
18:00' Published by Lantro.

Sokrates BBWV 1996.17
(opera) Text compilation from Xenophon and Plato, in classic Greek. 85:00'

Le Valchirie BBWV 1997.02
(opera) Text in Italian. 85:00'

Van alle tijden BBWV 1997.23
(opera) Libretto Jo Willems. Co-operation between the composers Gerrit Ammerlaan (first act), Jacob ter Veldhuis (second act and coda) and Boudewijn Buckinx.

AB BBWV 1997.24
Flute, violin, viola, vlc, double bass

Pièce frite à droite et à gauche BBWV 1998.01
piano four hands. 126 bars. Published by Lantro.

La sonate de Vinteuil BBWV 1998.03
voice (mezzosoprano), piano, violin. 406 bars.
30:00'. Published by Lantro.

Erwachen der Liebe BBWV 1998.22
soprano, violin solo, chamber orchestra.

(Liederen en dansen van Madoc) BBWV 1998.30
violin, piano, folksinger.

Het Chinese jaar van het konijn BBWV 1999.03
two violins, viola. 162 bars. The Chinese Year of the Rabbitt.
08:00'. Published by Lantro.

Trio # 3 "Salix integra" BBWV 1999.09
violin, violoncello, piano. 213 bars. Published by Lantro.

Good company BBWV 1999.14
piano solo, strings (recommended 6-5-4-3-1). 177 bars.

Trio # 4 BBWV 1999.15
violin, violoncello, piano. 151 bars. Published by Lantro.

Zen Requiem BBWV 2000.05
Tenor, bariton, male choir, orchestra.
9 movements.

Prin viola intelegem viola BBWV 2001.07
Viola. 78 bars. Published by Lantro.

(Lekker Weer) BBWV 2001.12
orchestra (2+picc-2+CA-2+Bkl-2+Cfg / 4-3-1+Btr-1 / Timp, perc, arpa / strings. 180 bars. For research only. 07:00`

Träume den Traum "Dein Leben" BBWV 2001.14
7 songs, texts Philipp Schober. Dream the Dream "Your Life"
Violin solo, mezzosoprano, orchestra.

Mooi weer BBWV 2001.22
orchestra (2+picc-2+E.H.-2+Bkl-2+Kfg, 4-3-2+Btrb-1, timp. Perc. Arpa, strings. 179 bars. Nice weather.

Sonatine academique BBWV 2001.31
piano. 175 bars. Published by Lantro.

Dhammapada BBWV 2002.02
(+Dhammapadadansen. #1 flute bassoon. #2 two violins. #3 flute piano. #4 violin recorder. #5 piano four hands)
Published by Lantro.

(Blauwe galm) BBWV 2002.07
violin, viola, violoncello, piano.
#1 70 bars 05:00, V,Vla,Vlc,P
#0 59 bars 06:00' P
#2 39 bars 02:00' V,Vlc,P
#3 24 bars 01:20 Vla
#4 55 bars 02:10 V,Vlc,P
#5 112 bars 06:45 P
#6 94 bars 05:00' V,Vlc,P
#7 83 bars 05:00' V,Vlc,P
#8 52 bars 04:00' V,Vlc
#9 92 bars 05:00' V,Vla,Vlc,P
#10 133 bars 08:00' V,Vla,Vlc
#11 424 bars 22:00' V,Vla,Vlc,P
Condition for performance : permission should be asked to both the composer and the painter Hélène Keil, or their heirs.

Bucolica II BBWV 2002.17
clarinet, viola. 109 bars. Published by Lantro.

Station Play BBWV 2003.01
male choir (slightly acting), orchestra (0-1-1-0,4-0-2+Btrb-tb, perc, strings)
909 bars. 6 movements. 70:00'
Codex Gandensis BBWV 2003.01a piano. 889 bars. 6 movements
Codex Iacobinus BBWV 2003.01b
violin solo. 24 pieces. 1060 bars.
Codex Gandensis and codex Iacobinus may be played simultaneously with the Station Play when fully theatrically performed. They also may be played independently, as well as any piece or movement out of it.

Heden blij BBWV 2003.16
guitar. 49 bars. 01:30'

Bucolica VIII BBWV 2003.20
oboe, clarinet, bassoon. 51 bars.

(Bucolica XIV) BBWV 2003.32
flute, clarinet. 75 bars. If there should be really need for a piece for flute and bassoon, it may be used. Published by Lantro.

Waarheid met opklaringen BBWV 2003.33
Oboe, violin,viola, violoncello. 352 bars, Three movements.
Truth with Bright Spells. Published by Lantro.

Ozewiezewoze BBWV 2004.01
tuba, celesta. Published by Lantro.
14 bars. 00:50'

(Wer wohl am schönsten sänge) BBWV 2004.03
voice, orchestra (2-2+EH-2+Bkl-2+cfg, 4-3-1+Bastrb-1, timp. Perc. Celesta. 2 arpa. Strings). 77 bars. Condition for performance is explicit accord both of the composer as the textwriter Bernd Leukert, or their heirs.

The Floating World BBWV 2004.05
piano. 420 bars. 30:00' Published by Lantro.

Flotsam BBWV 2004.06
piano. 94 bars. 10:00'

(Embarkation for Utopia) BBWV 2004.08
orchestra. (2+picc-2-2+Bkl-2+cfg, 4-3-1+bastrb-1, timp,perc,piano, strings). 495 bars. Condition for performance is a serious reading through by the responsibles. 15:00'

Three Penny Sonata BBWV 2004.10
piano. 49 bars

Forensic Waltz BBWV 2004.11
piano. 13 bars

Middle way BBWV 2004.12
piano. 32 bars.

Najaarsmist BBWV 2004.13
voice(mezzosoprano), viola, violoncello, doublebass. Autumnal fog.
33 bars. 02:20'

De mooie uren van de dag BBWV 2004.18
organ. 24 pieces for each hour of the day. Published by Lantro.

Moneta en de ganzen BBWV 2004.24
clarinet, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, piano. 210 bars. Moneta and the geese.

(Romancing the World) BBWV 2005.01
piano. 1100 bars. Condition for performing : permission has to be given by Thomas Schultz or his heirs.

The narrow Road to the deep North BBWV 2005.02
piano. Twelve pieces. 434 bars.

(Cherubino va se travestire) BBWV 2005.14
glockenspiel, ondes martenot harmonium. 28 bars.
01:30 Condition for performance : try out balance especially glockenspeiel against harmonium. If necessary maybe microphones?

Kein Betreff BBWV 2005.15
4 horns. 69 bars. 02:10' Published by Lantro.

Driesteek BBWV 2005.16
String trio (violin, viola, violoncello). 61 bars.

Before Walking BBWV 2005.17
piano.67 bars. 04:10' Published by Lantro.

(Renaissance revisited) BBWV 2006.01
piano. 485 bars 30:00' (whole project 75:00')

Cusanus BBWV 2006.04
(opera). Libretto Iñigo Bocken. 150:00'

Ballet BBWV 2006.09
Orchestra. 1-1-1-1. 4-2-0-0, timp arpa keyboard celesta, strings. 62 bars. This piece extended is identical with 2006.11 first movement.

Otoño BBWV 2006.11
orchestra 2-2-2-2, 4-2-1+Btrb-euph,timp arpa keyboard celesta, strings. 177 bars. Autumn. Three movements (october, november, december). The first movement is identical with 2006.09



  (Al Anochecer) BBWV 2007.06
viola, harpsichord.46 bars. Twilight. Condition for performing : the right circumstances of mood. 03:00'

(La madrugada) BBWV 2007.09
viola, harpsichord. 63 bars. Daybreak. Condition for performing : if there should really be need for a small piece for viola and harpsichord. 03:00'

Pianokwartet 3 BBWV 2007.15
violin, viola, violoncello, piano. 99 bars. 05:00'Published by Lantro

(La primavera) BBWV 2007.16
orchestra.2-2-2-2, 4-0-0-0, timp arpa, strings. 126 bars. Spring.
Only to be performed if one really wants to, for whatever reason.

(26 maart) BBWV 2007.17
orchestra.2-2-2-2,4-0-0-0. Timp, strings. March 26th. Only to be performed if one really wants to, for whatever reason. O4:00'

Guia del cielo en el año 2007 BBWV 2007.19
tubular bells, celesta, arpa, strings. Guide to the sky for the year 2007. 170 bars. 03:15'

(¡Venga,ya!) BBWV 2007.22
violin, viola, piano. If needed. 63 bars. 04:00'

Las líridas BBWV 2007.24
orchestra 2-2-2-2, 4-2-0-0, timp,perc,piano, strings. 70 bars. 04:00'

Tango BBWV 2007.25
4 guitars. 36 bars. 02:00' Published by Lantro

(El plumero) BBWV 2007.26
basset horn,cornet, euphonium, violin,violoncello. 33 bars. Feather duster. Condition : the piece needs the right circumstances. 01:30'

Bucolica XV BBWV 2007.30
Corno inglese, bassclarinet, horn, vibes. 54 bars. 02:30'

(leggiero) BBWV 2007.31
violin. 46 bars. 01:30'

Encantado BBWV 2007.32
violoncello, piano. 48 bars. How do you do? 02:30' Published by Lantro

El señal de salida BBWV 2007.33
horn, strings. 72 bars. Departure signal. 04:00'

El tiempo y la soledad I BBWV 2007.38
clarinet, violin, violoncello. 48 bars. 04:00'
El tiempo y la soledad II BBWV 2007.39
oboe, clarinet, piano. 50 bars. 02:30'
(El tiempo y la soledad III) BBWV 2007.40
oboe, clarinet, piano, violin, violoncello. 60 bars. This # 3 only may be performed together with the first and second one. The numbers 1 and 2 however may be played without number three. 04:00'

(Bucolica XVII) BBWV 2007.44
flute, bassoon, violin. 34 bars. If needed. 02:00'

Bucolica XVIII EH,p BBWV 2007.45
corno inglese, piano. 27 bars. 02:30'

(Ein Genius serviert ein kleines Frühstuck, Engel bringt das Gewünschte (Paul Klee 1920.91)) BBWV 2007.46
viola, euphonium, harmonium. Condition for performance : if such a piece really should be needed. 03:45'

(Bucolica XIX) BBWV 2007.47
Horn, violin, viola, violoncello. 34 bars. If needed. 02:00'

(Begin van het jaar) BBWV 2008.01
violin, piano. 38 bars. Condition : may be performed actually for celebrating new year, but not at other times. 01:30'

(Nichtsdestoweniger) BBWV 2008.02
flugelhorn, piano. 36 bars. May be performed if there should be need for a short piece with flugelhorn. 02:00'.

Bucolica XX BBWV 2008.03
altoflute, harp. 49 bars. 02:00'. Published by Lantro

(Una chispa) BBWV 2008.04
Tenortuba, basstrombone, harmonium. 36 bars. A Spark. May be performed if such an ensemble should be in need of repertoire. 03:00'

The Lady of Shalott BBWV 2008.05
choir (S-T1-T2-Bar-B1-B2) and orchestra (1-1-2-1, 2-0-0-euph, strings). Text Alfred Lord Tennyson. 96 bars. 05:00'

(Pianokwartet 4) v,vla,vlc,p BBWV 2008.07
violin, viola, violoncello, piano. 93 bars. 05:30'

(Bucolica XXI) BBWV 2008.09
treble, alto and tenorrecorder, horn, euphonium, mandoline, viola. 93 bars. Condition for performance : serious working on balance. 04:00'

(Musica sombreada) BBWV 2008.16
viola, piano. 82 bars. Darkened music. If there should be need for such a piece. 03:30'

(Letztes Lied) BBWV 2008.18
bariton, piano. 21 bars. Text Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim. Last song.If there should be really need for such a piece. 01:30'

Bucolica XXIII BBWV 2008.21
altoflute, piano. 30 bars. 01:30' Published by Lantro

(Trio para cuerda) BBWV 2008.25
violin, viola, violoncello. 93 bars. If there should be really need for such a piece. 03:20'

(La vida útil) BBWV 2008.26
piano. 42 bars. If there should be really need for such a piece. 01:30'

El Campo BBWV 2008.28
viola, piano. 64 bars. 02:00' Published by Lantro

Tango triste BBWV 2008.29
clarinet, horn, doublebass. 84 bars. 03:30' Published by Lantro

(Composición terrenal) BBWV 2008.32
flute, 2 clarinets, bassoon, horn, euphonium. 22 bars. Earthly composition. For the case such an ensemble should meet. 01:30'.

(La orilla) BBWV 2008.33
violin solo, strings(violin I, violin II, violoncello), orchestral bells. 109 bars. Bank. If there should be really need for such a piece. 03:00'.

(Bucolica XXIV) BBWV 2008.39
bassoon, horn, piano. 51 bars. If such a piece should be needed for. 04:00'

La puesta de sol BBWV 2008.45
violoncello, piano. 39 bars. Sunset. 02:00' Published by Lantro

Imagen onírica BBWV 2008.46
flute, violin, viola, violoncello. 77 bars. Dream image. 03:30'.

(Sin perspectiva) BBWV 2008.47
violin, viola, violoncello. 50 bars. Without perspective.
If such a piece should be needed for.

(largo) BBWV 2008.48
orchestra(2-2-2-2, 2-0-0-0, timp, strings). If such a piece should be needed for.

¡Ah!B... BBWV 2008.51
orchestra(2+picc-2+corno inglese-2+escl-2+contrabasbassoon, 4-4-4-2+wagnertuba, timp, tub.bells,cel,piano, strings).
360 bars. 20:30

Mediterráneo BBWV 2008.53
flute, clarinet, horn, piano. 83 bars. Mediterranean. 03:00' Published by Lantro

(nidada abandonada del pájaro) BBWV 2008.55
2 violins, 2 viola's, violoncello. 70 bars. Nest abondoned by the bird. If such a piece should be needed for. 04:00'

Canto rodado BBWV 2008.56
piano. 12 pieces of one minute, except the last one only fifty seconds. 283 bars. Pebble. 11:50'

¡Hola! BBWV 2009.03
2 piano's. 33 bars. 02:00'

Tanz BBWV 2009.05
piano 4 hands. 27 bars. 01:15'

A contraluz BBWV 2009.08
violoncello solo, 2 violins, 2 viola's, violoncello. 80 bars. 04:30'

Contraluz BBWV 2009.09
violoncello solo, 2 violins, 2 viola's, violoncello. 60 bars. 03:25'

Poollicht BBWV 2009.10
violoncello solo, 2 violins, 2 viola's, violoncello. 89 bars. 03:25'

(¿Que?) BBWV 2009.11
clarinet,horn,violin,viola. 27 bars. What? If such a piece should be needed for. 01:00'

Verzet (je) BBWV 2009.13
corno inglese, clarinet, bassoon. 48 bars. Title has ambiguity. Either it means "do resist" , or "diversion". 02:10'

(valavond) BBWV 2009.16
clarinet, violin, piano. 55 bars. Nightfall. If such a piece should be needed for. 03:10'

(Verano) BBWV 2009.17
orchestra(1-1-1-1, 1-1-0-0, timp, str). If such a piece should be needed for. 04:15.

By the way BBWV 2009.21
2 violins, viola, violoncello,piano. 71 bars. 04:00'

(Anyway) BBWV 2009.22
violin, viola, violoncello,pianoforte or piano. 45 bars. 2:45. This piece only when "by the way" also has been played.

Om de batterij leeg te maken BBWV 2009.24
piano. 24 bars. 01:00'

Feliz año nuevo BBWV 2010.01
orchestra(1-0-0-1, 1-1-0-0, celesta,piano,strings). 126 bars. Happy new year. 07:30'

(Ola de frío) BBWV 2010.03
violin,viola,bassoon. 130 bars. Cold wave. If such a piece should be needed for. 06:00'

(La mayor luna llena) str BBWV 2010.06
strings (recommended 4-3-2-1). 117 bars. Full Moon. If such a piece should be needed for. 07:00

El día lozano BBWV 2010.07
flute,bassoon,horn.81 bars. A fresh day. If such a piece should be needed for. 05:00'

(La clavija) BBWV 2010.08
2 viola's.73 bars. If such a piece should be needed for. 4:30

(Tram 4) BBWV 2010.10
viola, 2 horns, euphonium.100 bars. Tramline 4. 05:00'

(Is dan de hele wereld tram 4) BBWV 2010.11
2 violins, viola, 2 violoncellos.95 bars. Not the whole world is tramline 4, is it? 07:00'

En el yermo de la historia BBWV 2010.12
oboe,violin,viola,violoncello. 91 bars. On the waste land of history. 05:00'

Música de la casa 1-4 BBWV 2010.14
flute, clarinet, horn, strings. Music of the house. 13:00'

Música de la casa 5-7 BBWV 2010.15
oboe,bassoon,trumpet,trombone,tuba,strings. 04:00'

Musica de la casa 8-9 2010.16
oboe,bassoon,trumpet,trombone,strings. 06:40'

Música de la casa 10 BBWV 2011.01
bassoon,horn,trombone,strings. 41 bars. 02:40'

Música de la casa 11-12 fl,cor,str BBWV 2011.03
flute,horn,strings. 100 bars. 04:30'

(Bucolica V) cor,vlc,klokken BBWV 2012.02
Horn,violoncello,tubular bells. 45 bars. 02:50. If such a piece should be needed for.

Vergeet de dichter niet BBWV 2013.03
mezzosoprano, orchestra(1-1-1-1, 1-0-0-0, timp,strings). 54 bars. Do not forget the poet. 03:10

(orgelsonate) BBWV 2014.02
organ. 217 bars. Sonata for organ. If such a piece should be needed for. 14:00'

Wat lucht BBWV 2014.03
flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon. 79 bars. A bit of air. 03:15'

Fluit en fagot BBWV 2014.04
Flute, bassoon. 52 bars. Flute and bassoon. 02:00'

De 5 seizoenen fg,v,vla,vlc BBWV 2014.06
bassoon, violin, viola, violoncello. 215 bars. The five Seasons.1. Summer. 2. Indian Summer. 3. Autumn. 4. Winter(sleep). 5. Spring

Leuke dagen BBWV 2014.08
piano. Happy Days. Six short pieces. 76 bars. 03:00' Published by Lantro

Tussen twee dagen in BBWV 2014.09
flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon. Inbetween two days. 41 bars. 02:00'

(Tweeluik) BBWV 2014.10
Organ. Diptych. 176 bars. If such a piece should be needed for. 05:40'

(Jaardag) BBWV 2014.12
organ. 318 bars. If such a piece should be needed for. 15:00'

(Canción de la vida solitaria) BBWV 2014.13
voice, clarinet, piano. Text Luis de León. Song of the solitary life. 58 bars. If there should be need for such a piece. 02:40'

Schubert (from Behind) BBWV 2014.14
violin, viola,violoncello. 105 bars. 05:15

Wat betekent ruimte BBWV 2014.19
4 horns. 82 bars. What does space mean? 04:10'

Eb BBWV 2014.21
flute, horn, violin, viola, violoncello. 194 bars. The title can be read in two ways. Eb could be e flat. It also means ebb-tide. 05:40

(Y pasan la luz, el río y el viente) BBWV 2015.01
clarinet-choir. 136 bars. 06:00'

(Ruina cubierta) BBWV 2015.02
clarinet-choir. 69 bars. If such a piece should be needed for. 04:20'

Van verre maanfonteinen BBWV 2015.03
oboe, mandoline, harpsichord. 93 bars. If such a piece should be needed for. 03:15'