Below are some interesting plants in my collection along with some comments, Enjoy them!

[12/4/02] Several new Haworthia's added here!

check out the haworthia-corner in my greenhouse

big joeSturdy but irresistable, this H. reinwardtii 'Big Joe'originates from Cok Grootscholten
pilifera?H. cooperi v. pilifera rather stays below ground
iceberg from swellendamone of the better minima's from Swellendam
hairy beauty H. arachnoidea v. scabrispina from Koup station
birth of the cool H. marginata, cool, spotless, blue beauty
blue velvet shoes H. pymaea, Great Brak
more haworthias:
H. mucronata var. morrisiae
H. pehlemanniae
H. glauca, slender form
H. glauca, normal form
H. glauca var armstrongii
H. greenii (or another H. glauca var armstrongii?)
H. coarctata coarctata var. chalwinii
H. coarctata coarctata var. tenuis
H. reinwardtii var. reinwardtii fm. kaffirdriftensis
H. reinwardtii var. reinwardtii fm. kaffirdriftensis (RS386)
H. kingiana
H. limifolia fm. 'keithii'
H. limifolia var. nigra
H. bayeri, Dysseldorp
H. emelyae, S. of Oudtshoorn
H. archeri
H. archeri, N. of Laingsburg