We salute you, children of the night!

Wir grüssen Euch, ihr Kinder der Nacht!

As hundreds of pictures were uselessly stored in the closet,
We figured it was a better idea to at least give them some use
and share them with you.

We could start some bla-bla-bla explaining what is Gothic, why does it exist, why do people like it, why do they wear those cloths, why the make-up, why are we alive or dead or somewhere in between...

However, in our opinion, every person is different and to try to give any kind of label to any person or group of persons would be an exact contradiction to the freedom and respect that we have experienced in this 'scene'.

For the lovers of 'deeper' thoughts however, let's provide you with some simple facts :

- Gothic : We all live it, enjoy it and experience it, think of it as long as you want, the question is as simple as :"what is life"... the answer, however, just as complicated and impossible to state truly objectively.

- The goal of life : TO LIVE!!!! As simple as that!!! Unfortunately many die without ever truly having lived...

- Death : Making space for the next generation.

- Is death a beginning or an end : Don't ask us, we're alive and trying to do that to the fullest!

- Heaven, Hell, God, Devil... : We'll see when we get there, won't we? Is it realy necessary to waste our precious time worrying about questions that can never truly be answered anyway? Just LIVE!!!

- Realy not a single thought? Look, Heaven is loved for its great climate, Hell provides a greater variaty of company. Should we spend eternity with a bunch of priests and nuns in paradise? Don't ask us, we're just living here...

- VAMPIRES : Now we're talking... ;-)

Interesting creatures, romantic-horror-stories, intrigue, fear, mystery, erotics,... Sorry, they don't exist, for if they would, they would have found us years ago ;-) We love them but don't believe in their existence.

- Fetish : MMMmmm... intrigue, mystery, excitement, endless variations,... just have to love it or hate it... there's not realy anything in between.

- Nudity : Ask yourself : What is the use of beauty if not to be seen?

We see nudity as a kind of freedom. A back-to-nature feeling in strong contrast with today's hypocrisy. BUT only with the necessary respect! Abuse is our sworn ENEMY!

- Perversions : Do what you want as long as everybody involved feels good about it... clear enough.

Any more 'impossible to answer' questions or interesting statements? Email us, we'll see what we can do for you, ok? (Don't worry, we'll keep it private if you wish.)

We hope you enjoy the site!
So stop wasting your time here, you got lots of photo-galleries, links and a forum to explore on this site ;-)

Comments, ideas or suggestions are always welcome.