On 2 August 2011 Trym had a good time at the Drags quadrille - ie our weekly practise to compete with the Lipizzaners in Vienna (see video below).  This important news spread quickly (maybe through Facebook) including to the horses on the Patagonian pampas above.  They apparently thought that Trym might come along to Argentina next year to gallop along with them at the estancias in the north of Patagonia.

Riding Trym
2 August 2011




Here is another show you might also enjoy:
(in fact, one of Trym's very great grand fathers was probably related 
to the stallion Pluto of the Frederiksborg stud in Denmark.  
Pluto was one of the stallions acquired by 
the Habsburg dynasty in Vienna when they created the Lipizzaners)




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