A riding vacation with Spanish horses near Trafalgar in Andalucia

In late June 2003 a mixed group of riding and non-riding nortrekkers spend a week visiting two fincas who offered
riding on Spanish horses.  

The first finca where we spent two days, was near Sevilla.  Unfortunately, although their web site promises a lot to its real life visitors, in practise it turned out that their riding lessons were very basic and also of low quality.  In addition, the owner turned out to be a rather intravert person.  She did not even welcome us to the finca - this was done by their Italian cook who turned out to be the almost only pleasant person at the Dos Olivos finca; but he was desparately looking for a job elsewhere where he would receive real pay for his excellent cooking;  before leaving, I discovered that at least one other member of the staff was lifting valuables from our room; but the owner refused to face this most unpleasant reality.  
In addition, they did not offer us trail rides from the finca itself.  Instead we were offered trail rides by another stable the Centro Ecuestre Entrepinares at Aznalcazar.  However, these horses were excellent, and we can only recommend this place if you ever come close enough.  It is located about 20 kms west of Seville (tel no. 955 750 759). Ask for Marc.
As as we can all testify to, not only does this riding centre provide fine trail rides and easy going guides, but it also employs one of the best looking farriers in this part of Spain.

We spent the last four days of the week at another riding centre near Cape Trafalgar on the Atlantic coast.
Here Penny Boughen offers excellent trail rides in the mornings (too warm to ride in the afternoons in June).
There is more information about this finca on
The beaches around Cape Trafalgar (the place where Nelson died in the battle in 1805) are excellent, and on clear days we could see all the way across to Morocco in Africa.
Some participants went all the way to Cadiz one afternoon while other spent time in Vejas, the nearby fortified town of Moorish origin.



Tanja wanted to bring this little one with her back home.

Selina having her morning lunge-lesson at the Olivos Finca.

Hacking out in the Donana national park.

Henry and his mount with Cape Trafalgar down below.

In the afternoons we made both the beach and the local museum-like town of Vejas.


Cape Trafalgar is located about 50 kms south of Cadiz west of a small village called Canos de Mekka.  This part of Andalucia remains relatively undeveloped in comparison with the coastal resorts on the Mediterranean coast.  
See further information here.


The lighthouse on Cape Trafalgar was worth a visit.





July 2003
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Svend Kræmer