Norway - Lake Savalen Camp
It was during the summer of 1991 - in fact the calendar already showed 1 September - that one of the original Nortreks
riders first met Stein Sorknes, owner of Lian Gaard near Tynset, a village located about midway between Oslo and
Trondheim in the eastern part of Norway. 
The Nortrek rider had been on a two week riding trek with a group of other riders from the Rondane mountains to the 
Sylene Mountain Range in the district of Trøndelag.
At that occasion Stein showed his hospitality by letting us stay overnight at his mountain camp (sæter) at Lake Savalen.

Ride across the mountains towards Lake Savalen: 

We camp at an original sæter (mountain farm) which provides excellent overnight facilities and serves as basis for daily rides into the surrounding mountains where 
wild reindeer and elk (Norwegian Moose) roam along with the occasional bear,
wolf or wolverine. 
The horses are sturdy Icelandic purebred horses supplied by local farmers. 
For the summer of 2009 we are planning to meet at Camp Savalen around 21-23 June;
we will then round up and bring the horses to the camp and during the next four days
enjoy our daily rides into these spectacular mountains north of the Rondane mountain range;  we will enjoy an Argentine asado-barbecue where other riends are also invited to join up.  
During our daily rides we will mostly be above the tree limit (1000 meters); 
this terrain is very similar to that of Iceland; you will notice how well 
the Icelandic horses manage to move in this for them original type of mountains.
To sign up for the year 2009 trek and camp fill in the form below; 
estimated budget for the five days including horse rental and food, but excl
travel to and from Norway, in the order of 600 EUR; we will be no
more than eight riders on the trek.

Memories from our 2008 camp (first 9 photos) and some from earlier camps:


Midnight at Camp Savalen on 21 June 2008

and earlier:

Entering the Kaka valley

Crossing the bridge over the Einunaa

Bringing in the herd in the morning to the stable ... where the friendly local wrangler welcomes you.

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