Patagonia Memories


Rounding up the horses for our first ride at Estancia San Juan

 Two riders ready to go

The gaucho had a dusty job bringing the cattle out for the tourists to round up,

out on the pampas the going became relatively easy ...

but one rider worked hard to catch up.

After the day's work with the cattle the gauchos enjoyed a well deserved rest before dinner.

We found a lost guanaco colt on our way back to the estancia.

It was sad to say good bye to the horses at San Juan.

But the beaches at Estancia La Luisa were waiting for us:

On the way we had a pleasant lunch in Patagones.

Then on to ride in the dunes and on the beaches.

while Robin worked with the colts at the Estancia

and our hostess was enjoying memories from our previous visit,
and looking forward to our next visit.



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