Greenland Nortrek's 1997 annual trek went to the lost Norse world in Greenland. We never expected that Greenland would be warmer and sunnier than the mountains of Scandinavia. But we were pleasantly surprised with seven days of wonderful weather with daily temperatures around 25°C and a sun which hardly dipped beyond the horizon in July.

The horses put at our disposal were all of Icelandic origin. They were easy to ride, although the local Greenlanders almost only ride them (bareback) during the sheep round-up in the autumn. Otherwise they roam free in the mountains in the old Österbygd settlement area where Erik the Red and his son Leif, discoverer of America 500 years before Columbus, settled in the year 985. 

Our route went from the ruins of Erik's original farm of Brattahlid (present day Qassiarsuk in Greenlandic) across a peninsula to several Norse farm and church ruins at Icefjord. 

We stayed overnight in tents and cooked our own meals over the open fire. Since our pioneering trek in 1997, a local outfitter is now offering similar weeklong treks with overnight stays at the local Greenlandic sheepholder farms.  You are welcome to contact the outfitter directly at his address in Narsarsuaq:

Blue Ice Explorer
Jacky Simoud
Box 58
3923 Narsarsuaq

Tel: + 299 66 54 99
Mob: + 299 49 73 71
Fax: + 299 66 54 98

SAS has direct flights from Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq and 
FirstAir has flights from Ottawa to Kangerlussuaq/Søndre Strømfjord.

Nortrek rider enjoying the view across the Icefjord towards the Inland Icecap:


Exploring Thorhilde's church now reconstructed, amongst the ruins at Brattahlid,
the 1000 year old farm of Erik the Red:




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