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Farm Life in Denmark 60-70 Years Ago:=

Agriculture in Tanzania - New Possibilities:=

Desert Control:=New soil treatment technology

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The Bugge Family Story:=


Thrymr, a Horse from Denmark:


FÅR-I-KÅL/Mutton Stew:=  

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Wisconsin Fried Chicken
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Join-Up with Monty Roberts:

All Nortrekkers agree that Monty Roberts' non-violence approach for starting horses, is the method to be used when starting 'raw' horses, as well as to make 'difficult' horses amenable:=
"Traditional methods aim to teach the horse to ‘DO AS I SAY’ and involve the use of pain and intimidation, but Monty focuses on communion with the horse, rather than domination. For centuries, humans have said to horses:
‘You do what I tell you or I’ll hurt you’. 
I’m saying that no one has the right to say, ‘you must’ to an animal or to another human, Monty said".
"Les méthodes traditionnelles visent à apprendre au cheval à «faire ce que je dis» et impliquent le recours à la douleur et à l’intimidation, mais Monty se concentre sur la communion avec le cheval plutôt que sur la domination. Pendant des siècles, les humains ont dit aux chevaux:
'Vous faites ce que je vous dis ou je vais vous faire mal '.
Je dis que personne n’a le droit de dire «vous devez» à un animal ou à un autre humain, Monty a dit".

       Welcome to Pleistocene Park 


     Pleistocene Park: Return of the Mammoth's Ecosystem

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       ARC hotel in Morogoro, Tanzania



Riding with Ole Dyrhaug from the Rondane Mountain Range
towards Tydal 22 - 28 August 2011


  Photos from 
  our Patagonia trek in February 2011. 

  Switzerland:  Jungfrau in October 2008

The Tanzanian Police Horsemanship Training Saga

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Our Hotel in Africa:=


The Okeyo Saga:=

The Kræmer family story incl. the chronicle about the surname

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It was in July 2011 that Thrymr and Agnes first met each other:=        







Africa - Tanzania: Safari ride near Mount Kilimanjaro in August 2008
A safari riding trek near Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania took place during August 2008;
both riders and non-riders came along; we rode (non-riders came along in the 4x4 safari
 "chuck wagon") through game reserves with wild elephants, giraffes etc;


It was an exciting and beautiful 7 day bush ride which covered some 200 km.  We passed through Masailand at the very base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This area has some of East Africa''s most spectacular scenery, surrounded by 5895m high Kilimanjaro to the east, 4660m high Meru to the South, the rugged but beautiful Longido to the North and the Rift Valley volcanoes, Kitumbeine and Gelai to the west.

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Read the saga about our 
trek in the Sylene Mountains in Norway in August 2002  

memories from
our 2001 camps at Savalen, Norway

Iceland and Greenland:  
Report from our treks 30 June - 11 July 2008:





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