The township of Saudarkrokur and the Skagafjord with Drangey


Why not try the Icelandic horse in its own homeland? Numerous organisers offer treks in the inland on the mountain plateau between the large glaciers.We recommend a special farm in the North near the shores of the impressive Skagafjord.
A group of six nortrekkers went to the
Skagafjord region in July 1999. The saga
and photos from this trek are now available - click on Iceland99.

!!I want to go!! 

The horses below are enjoying themselves just below the farm from where you have the most fantastic view out the fjord toward the Arctic Ocean in the north and the island Drangey.  This is where the outlaw Grettir survived attacks from his enemies according to the Saga due to the in-accessibility of the island, which rises 80 m straight up from the sea.

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