02b06 :
 Cleaning history function when sending materials is now more accurate.
        (todo : restore material function on material tab suck with *.xP, more code is needed -_-)

02b07 :
 Added the [Save to Sel. mat. Custom Folder] button, which permit to custom backup file into the selected material directory.
        Fixed the detection problem like the empty line for the custom backup function.
 Now detection for custom backup is more accurate, but still recognizing only the format AI?_*.*!*.*, shorts names still not supported.
 Reorganized and renamed some buttons and related stuffs.
 Fixed a bug with the makeXpatch button, which was enabled even in about mode.
 Added, double-clicking on a material will open the custom backup editor and set the edit window with the selected material's resources.
 Added, double clicking on a ressource (on list2) will open it by default associated extension (excepted x/xP files).
 Added the [Force] button to material tab to always send a material, even if it have been set already.
 Removed the "Refresh Done." message.
 Index material position is now locked to the selected material until it didn't matching with the search filter.
 Added a new ini entry : CustomBackupFolderName
 Added a new ini entry : ExpertMode (next time I'll add something like SniperMode or SolidSnake. no? ah.. k..)
 Some other minors enhancements.
 Updated some parts of the readme.txt file.
 Preview picture is now always centered.
 Added a confirmation query when Restoring All/AllXPonly

02b08 :
 Fixed a mistake variable from the confirmation query of Restoring AllXPonly an user is clicking "no". After that, restoring from the material tab was locked to xP only...
 Fixed a nasty bug, where default materials was giving some wrong error messages in some cases. (It take me 2 hours to found it.. just to add 1 line...)
 Like usually, some minors changes and additions.

02b09 :
 Set the cpu priority from 'idle' to 'normal'
 'tools' tab is now available.
 Added a [Backup All] button into the 'tools' tab.
 Added a [Del] button for materials, with confirmation dialog and send to the recycled folder (dedicaded to mr unnamed).
 Added a filesize checking about the AG2frontend.dat at startup to avoid update error.
 Added a new entry ini : Priority (cpu) Now can be set between : idle, normal, high, realtime.
 Now the dialog for selecting the AG2 executable and game's path is more accurate.
 Added a filepath checking before running the AG2 game.

02b10 :
 Added a text string into the tools tab : "Installed files (estimation *.his)"
 Set the cpu priority from 'normal' to 'idle' when creating a xPatch file.
 Added a new entry ini : PriorityMakexPatch (cpu) Now can be set between : idle, normal, high, realtime.
 Fixed the popup bug (dir created) when materials and folder theme aren't set to default path.
 Set the readme file priority of AG2H from readme.txt to (NameOfTheExe).txt (Here AG2Frontend.txt)
 Installation is more easier with little improvements, theme and materials examples, JS2Edit1017en up.
 Clicking the picture preview will no longer send a material and run the game.(making the SelClick2Run ini entry useless)
 Removed the entry ini : SelClick2run
 Clicking the picture preview will open it with shell for full view.
 Added a new entry ini : OnlyScaledPreview (yes by default)
 Added a new entry ini : AppLoc Which permit to run the ag2 game in japanese regional setting (Need the AppLocal application).
 Added the [MSGXXX] message flag number on almost all warning messages (almost 80) to help people more easier and debugging.
 Others little fixes. That's enough for this night --

02b11 :
 Fixed the bug where the ini entry 'Priority' is stuck and always saved to 'normal' ini value.(I forgot to mention that I programming also with my dick sometimes...)
 Added [NTFScmp] which permit to launch a dialog to NTFS file compress all 4 folders ag2's related.
 Added [/Dec.] which permit to launch a dialog to NTFS file 'de'compress all 4 folders ag2's related. (both using the default windows application compress.exe and a created batch file)
 Added at the |tool| tab some misc. variables infos.
 Added the "%TargetExe%".exe.pp value into js2edit loaded files list which permit to create materials to modify the AG2 Game executable using an ag2.exe.x file. (xP can be created, only the february and xmas version are supported)
 Added the ECC function for xPatch files. This permit to check destination values before applying modifications ONLY if match. (useless excepted for executable modifications)
 Added the Optimised xPatch creation function with 2 automatic level, which will permit to win some little space, nothing incredible, but useful for executable modifications.
 Modified header of xPatch files (will be useful when next model will be available).
 Added the CustomTool ini entry, which saving a path of a designed file to be launched from the tool tab. (like the ag2heat for e.g. ;))
 Added the button [Custom.] which permit to set any of your file to be launched from it, from the tool tab.
 Renamed the check box "Show Installed Only" to "Installed"
 Added the check box "Locked" which permit to filter and show Locked materials only.
 Changed the simple edit filter to a combo edit.
 Added the [Lock.R/Lock.RS/Unlock] button.
 Added 2 red indicator to show current "lock status" of a material.(Locked for Restore/ for Restore and Send/ Unlocked)
 Added the [ ] button in materials tab to quick clear all filters.
 Added the ini entry "ShowOnlyLockedMaterial" (internal save)
 Fixed some little bugs. (I hope all will work ok, I've added much code since last release.)

02b12 :
 Redirected the "Erreur runtime 28, ligne XX" for vdsconv.dll. Instead to stop, the program will now run without picture preview.
 Now Theme can send multiple savefiles folders when detected on their directory as subfolders.
 Added the example theme 'Miss Elfiot Example Theme (elf ears and daemon eyes) + savefiles'
 Now theme are refreshed when needed.
 Added the checkbox 'Never send savefiles'
 Added the ini entry 'NeverSendSavefiles'
 Changed the NTFS command line from '/c /a' to '/i /c /a' and '/u /a' to '/i /u /a', to ignore possible r/w errors and continue comp/dec instead stopping.
 Fixed a bug where the restore function was restoring common files of others installed materials.(didn't tested much yet)
 Accelerated the loading of the filter edit combo from materials tab at startup.
 Reorganized some code and removed some error messages. Other little fixes.

02b13 :
 Fixed error when looking for a filename containing illegal characters (reported internaly as "??..") for info, picture preview and the ag2 game executable files.
 Added the ">disable" entry to use into a theme list, which will disable the [SendTheme] button.
 Fixed a bug appeared by another fix bug into b12.. Now default files listed into a theme should restoring again..
 Now if the windows registry value : "Local\Software\Illusion\AI2\INSTALLDIR\" is empty, the specified ag2 game path will be writed on it to avoid some problems.
 Added the text into tool tab : "AG2 Path in Reg : " (ag2path from registry. Used by js2edit and tbleditor I guess).
 Improved some detection of corrupted xPatch file.
 Now the program will check the header at the relative position (bmp, tga, x/xP) from the game files before reading or writing (backup, send & restore)
 (It mean that now mistakes using tbleditor without updating js2list files should be avoided with a skip for the incriminated file)
 Added the ini entry 'HeaderCheck' (0 or null to disable, 1 to enable, 2 to enable excepting know bad files, like o10_06.tga in the engv2)
 Now the filesize check is also working for xP files (excepted the first generation), using the internal "FileSize=X" value at line #2.
 Some changes for TargetExe (which can using japanese chars if running under jap reg settings. applying patches ect..)
 Added some extra buttons [c1] : copy list1 (up), [c2] : copy list2 (down), [n] : open actual text in notepad.
 Some others little fixes. Freshly wrote, tested but do some backups in case :p

02b14 :
 Modified the internal ini entry 'MaxDiffSize' from 'larger&smaller' to 'larger,smaller' number. So, now its 2 numbers composed as : "500,10000000" by default.
 Modified the internal ini entry 'DeleteXwhenCreateXpatch' where a null entry is now converted to 'no'. Added also the 'yes' possible value (same as 'del').
 Removed the useless 'hisLimitLines' ini entry.
 Removed the useless 'RememberLastPositions' ini entry.
 Added the internal ini entry : 'LastSavefileIndexPos', which saving the index position on list1 when at the new tab 'savefiles'
 If the ag2game's savefiles path isn't found, the program will close after an error message.
 Added a main [Cancel] button.
 Added main and sub progression bars.
 Added an edit box and a [Rename] button for renaming savefile.
 Now closing the frontend should be instantly (before there was a useless 0,4sec delay), if temp files are right deleted.
 Added a [Refresh] Button.
 Now [Del] button can delete a theme or a ag2game's savefile folder.
 Now [Custom Backup] button is only available into the materials tab.
 Button [RestoreAllXp] is removed, to the profit of the check box 'xP only'
 Removed the confirmation dialog when pushing the [RestoreAll button] (say thanks to the cancel button ^^)
 When browsing savefiles, the list2 will be completed with only *.aie, *.bmp, *.aid and *.bp files.
 Removed the total time popup when finished creating xFiles.
 Now sending x/xP files to the game need to have the exactly same filesize (MaxDiffSize isn't used anymore for this type), or the file will be skipped with an error message.
 Now the passive new version check is working with xP files (excepted the first generation), using the internal "AG2hVer=X" value at line #2.
 Added the internal ini entry : 'LastVersionNumberKnown' which is coupled with a "passive" new version check to announce if a new version seem to be available.
 Added the internal ini entry : 'RestoreAllXPonly' which permit to remember the choice of the 'xP only' check box.
 Added the internal ini entry : 'LessLocked' which permit to remember the choice of the '- locked' check box.
 Other interface's reorganization and improvements (the changes list is too long for details...)
 As usual, other little fixes. Do backups.

02b15 :
 Re-Added the total time popup when finished creating xFiles.
 Now the error popup when creating xP files about equals (& useless) x files is shown only once, at the end of main process.
 Fixed (lets hope...) a bug (inducted since ag2harem 02b06..) where : 1. Sending a x file, wasn't deleting its xP equivalent files into the history when normally it should (the consequence wasn't important, just a lose of time). 2. But the worst was... : Sending a xP file was deleting its x equivalent into the history list, which mean that the x file is lost for restoring later... (the consequence : the game data are corrupted even after a complete restore..) Thats why I recommend to restore all to clear the history and to use your clean backup files or reinstall the game (specially if you are a mod releaser)
 The function for sending and restoring to pp encrypted files are finally made. (due to speed lack stuck at 0,5KB/s, at this time js2edit.exe still needed for pp containing wav files, but who care about these ?... It should be clarified for next versions)
 Good luck...

02b16 :
Now transfers for all files (excepted *.xP and encrypted destinations) could be much faster (specially with slow cpu).
Added dummy datas into AG2FrontEnd.dat for future needing.
Now MaxDiffSize is set to : 500,60000000 instead 500,10000000 for hires needs (But maybe it will simply removed soon).
Now a timer is set when backing all files.
Resolved the error popup when sending/restoring a tga under an unusual header "00000A00"
Fixed a slower (and corruption, since hires usages) problem, when sending a smaller file to a larger slot. (now sending a 1x texture to a 8x slot taking the same time than sending 1x to 1x.)
Some littles changes. Added functions for hires parameter, but its disabled for the moment.
Do some backup...

02b17 :
    Added a private ini entry : LastClose, which permit to run a generic fix attempt for some problems encountered (feedbacks needed).
    Removed the popup error [MSG074] when browsing a theme with missing materials, replaced by a beep
    Added a manifest file to show the windows theme.
    Some littles cosmetic changes... ^^u

02b18 :
    Added : the ini entry : CachePath (now all temporary files are saved into it)
    Added : the file *_v01.bp into a savefile folder will be used if not find a regular preview picture.
    Fixed : a bug where after the error MSG068 a destination file wasn't unleashed properly, which was later causing the history bug.
    Fixed : the history bug which was activated for the session after getting the error MSG068..
    Some little rearrangements.

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