On Human Improvement

IntroductionExploring a strategy for how to further improve Humanity. An introduction to The World Liberation philosophy and its implications on applied ethics.
Our Function in the UniverseBy relating ourselves with the natural world we can learn about our place in the universe and thus define an appropriate purpose for Humanity.
Small and simpleA prerequisite for reaching our purpose is a small-scale and simple organization. They are always more sustainable and humane than their large-scale counterparts.
Perceive reality as it isAnother prerequisite for human improvement is the knowledge of the truth. Only by having the correct information at your disposal you have the possibility to act properly and do good.
Universal Applied EthicsBy defining a universal moral reference frame we may judge everything as it is, whoever you are or whatever you want. Ethics and morality are not relative concepts.
The Primitive StateA critical description of the current system and ways of reasoning that are limiting our improvement. Understanding the nature of the wound is the first step towards healing.
The Intermediate StageOur society must undergo an extensive socio-economic reorganisation if we wish to improve ourselves. Individuals can only improve if their environment improves. The Permanent State The continuous struggle and will of societies and individuals to compete with each other will not only deplete the Earth but also the human spirit. We must evolve towards permanence.

Other Essays

The end of human diversity You can only have and therefore enjoy diversity if you respect the natural distribution of species and subspecies. A multicultural society therefore threatens human diversity.
Practical ActionThings individuals can do to contribute to the improvement of their societies. The worst case scenario is that conscious individuals do nothing.
Measuring SuccessHow well we succeed in the purpose of our civilisation depends on a number of factors. We have the choice and responsability to choose the adequate values for these factors. MisinterpretationsOn how ignorance and the lack of knowledge make moral improvement impossible in this world. The arguments and discourses of the unargumented mass.
Moral DialoguesDialogues are an effective way of expressing reasoning because they simulate a discussion. A collection of dialogues between two friends who are looking for the universal truth.

About this website

Our current way of reasoning has led us to our world we live in today: overpopulation (with all its consequences) and large-scale economic, commercial and industrial activities not only destroy our environment but our humanity too. If Man wishes to save and improve itself we must change the way we reason and interact with our environment.

The World Liberation explores such a new way of reasoning that should enable us to create a humane, sustainable and, above all, a life-friendly world. Through this website I publish my thoughts about how we could contribute to this by further improving ourselves individually and collectively as a civilization.