world : the earth together with all of its peoples, countries and natural features
liberation : the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression
world liberation : freeing the earth and all its people from humanity's ignorance

Our current way of reasoning has led us to our world we live in today: overpopulation (with all its consequences) and large-scale economic, commercial and industrial activities not only destroy our environment but our humanity too. If humanity wishes to save and improve itself we must change the way we reason and interact with our environment. The articles below are the results of my own search for a new way of reasoning and interaction with our world.

On Human Improvement (PDF) - The world liberation manifesto: perceive reality as it is, not as it is taught to you.

An Attack on Democracy (PDF) - In a society where the people vote with their wallets the capitalists remain in power.

The Diversity Paradox (PDF) - Those who plead for more cultural diversity in our societies support a process that will eradicate most cultures.

Small is Good (PDF) - Logic for dummies: the fewer humans the smaller our problems.

The Bubble of Ignorance (PDF) - According to many we should be getting smarter but all we are doing is becoming more ignorant.

My Utopia (PDF) - A paper I wrote for a 'write your own Utopia' contest for the students of the KU Leuven.

Moral Dialogues (PDF) - The world liberation manifesto in dialogue form: unleashing the power of the Socratic method.