Fundamental Principles

Our Relationship with the Natural WorldThe natural world with all its logic is the only non relative concept that exists. By relating ourselves with this reality we can identify who we are and what we must do.Defining a purposeOur purpose follows from our relationship with Nature. Once you have defined your purpose you can judge everything appropriately and know how you ought to act.
Small and simpleA prerequisite for a humane and life-friendly world is a small-scale organization. Small-scale entities are always more sustainable and humane than their large-scale counterparts.
Perceive reality as it isOnly by having the correct information at your disposal you have the possibility to act properly and do good. By denying or hiding the truth you oppose improvement.
Universal EthicsBy defining a universal moral reference frame we may judge everything as it is, whoever you are or whatever you want. Ethics and morality are not relative concepts.

Other Essays

Our problemsA collection of thoughts about the current system and ways of reasoning that are limiting our improvement. Realizing the problems is the first step towards improvement. Possible worldsThree factors define a species' sustainability and future: level of technology, quality of life and population size. It is our responsability to choose these parameters wisely.
The end of human diversity You can only have and therefore enjoy diversity if you respect the natural distribution of species and subspecies. A multicultural society therefore threatens human diversity.
The Good Life It is our personal task as human individuals to strive towards goodness. This condition can only be achieved if individuals master certain basic characteristics. DialoguesDialogues are an effective way of expressing reasoning and argumentations. A collection of moral dialogues.

General Strategy

Reorganizing societyOur society must undergo an extensive socio-economic reorganisation if we wish to improve ourselves. Individuals can only improve if their environment improves. Optimum PopulationsA necessity for the improvement of our species is a small and constant population. This will not only lighten the pressure on Nature but it will also increase our individual value.
Cellular SocietyThe physical organization of our societies defines our interaction with the natural world. The way we use land determines the sustainability and potential of our civilization.
The permanent state The continuous struggle and will of societies and individuals to compete with each other will not only deplete the Earth but also the human spirit. We must evolve in(to) a constant environment, a permanent state.

Practical Action

Have not more than one childThe fewer peoples on the planet the higher the quality of life and the more sustainable our species. Improving humanity has never been so easy.
Believe in what is realSince your behavior and actions are dictated by your belief, it is essential to believe in the thruth if you wish to act properly. 
Become a vegetarianThe transition to a vegetarian diet is a necessity if we wish to improve ourselves moraly and end animal torture, pollution and health issues.
Produce locally and consume wiselyProduction and consumption of products will always be a part of human life. We can do this in a morally responsible manner by producing locally and by being a conscious consumer.
Deconstruct your environment The surface of the Earth has to heal itself after millenia of human abuse. This is why we have to restore our environment to its natural state.

About this website

Our current way of reasoning has led us to our world we live in today: overpopulation (with all its consequences) and large-scale economic, commercial and industrial activities not only destroy our environment but our humanity too. If Man wishes to save and improve itself we must change the way we reason and interact with our environment.

The World Liberation explores such a new way of reasoning that should enable us to create a humane, sustainable and, above all, a life-friendly world. Through this website I publish thoughts and ideas which could contribute to the further moral improvement of ourselves individually and collectively as a civilization.

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