Our current way of reasoning has led us to our world we live in today: overpopulation (with all its consequences) and large-scale economic, commercial and industrial activities not only destroy our environment but our humanity too. If humanity wishes to save and improve itself we must change the way we reason and interact with our environment.

Through this website I publish my thoughts about how we could contribute to this process by further improving ourselves individually and collectively as a civilization. I have no intentions in creating a moral reference frame that fits my convenience. Of course, I could misinterpret natural logic and the true state of my perceptions - and therefore misapply it - but these thoughts represent my philosophy and are meant to be a foundation for a society that believes in the moral improvement of humanity.

On Human Improvement (PDF) - The collection of thoughts that form the world liberation philosophy is published in this document. Because of the extent of this project it is a work that is in continuous progress, I add and remove content periodically and as long as it does not represent my true philosophy.

Moral Dialogues (PDF) - In this document, the ideas expressed in the manifesto are brought to the reader in a more convincing dialogue form. Using the Socratic method, a xenosociologist from an alien civilization interviews different humans after they have made first contact. Each dialogue treats a specific part of the philosophy. Just like the manifesto, these works are in progress and are regularly updated.