Our current way of reasoning has led us to our world we live in today: overpopulation (with all its consequences) and large-scale economic, commercial and industrial activities not only destroy our environment but our humanity too. If humanity wishes to save and improve itself we must change the way we reason and interact with our environment.

Through this website I publish my thoughts about how we could contribute to this process by further improving ourselves individually and collectively as a civilization.

What is world liberation?

The world is the earth together with all of its peoples, countries and natural features.
Liberation is the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression.

World liberation is about liberating the whole of Nature - humanity included - from the shortcomings of our behavior so that we can create a world where humanity can cultivate and apply the highest moral values.

I believe that the key to this liberation from our current condition lies in the fact that there is a way of reasoning out there that we still have to learn and then try to apply in everything we do. I'm trying to interpret what that way of reasoning could be by listening what Nature and logic are trying to tell us from ourselves and our environment.

I have no intentions in creating an artificial moral reference frame that fits my convenience. Of course, I could misinterpret natural logic and the true state of our perceptions - and therefore misapply it - but I hope that further refinement of this philosophy will allow it to be used as a foundation for a worthy and humane civilization.

The evolution towards this seemingly utopian world happens through a gradual reorganization of humanity and through the implementation of a new universal moral reference frame. This process and new framework are explained in detail in the manifesto and dialogues you can find below.

On Human Improvement

The World Liberation manifesto is a collection of thoughts about how to further improve humanity. The first part lays out the foundations of the universal reference frame that is so crucial for making improvement possible. Then, this theoretical framework is converted into a set of guidelines that define the moral optimum we are looking for. Finally, some reflections about our current state precede a proposition for the reorganization of society.

Because of the extent of this project it is a work that is in continuous progress, I add and remove content periodically and as long as it does not represent my true philosophy. You can download the latest version of the manifesto by clicking the following link:

On Human Improvement (PDF)

Moral Dialogues

Each of the following dialogues elaborate on a theme already dealt with in the manifesto. The dialogues revolve around a human rebel and his alien companion in a distant future where both civilizations are at war for control over the universe. Though humanity finds itself on the losing side, the rebel gets convinced about the moral superiority of his companion's civilization after an elaborate discussion about universal ethics and its many applications.

The dialogues can be read separately by theme but the story develops throughout the different dialogues, gradually giving away more information about the characters and their past. Just like the manifesto, these works are in progress and are regularly updated.

Dialogue I - On Good and Evil

Dialogue II - On Purpose


If you have questions, comments, opinions, criticism (constructive criticism!) or feedback regarding anything about The World Liberation website or its content please contact me with the following e-mail address: