The flight Training section contains information related to FAR 61 & 91. Any information on this site is superseeded by any national or international legislation concerned or any aircraft manufactures specifications and/or Airworthiness Directives. For the actual flight training and testing the FAA uses the Practical Test Standard (PTS).
Eligibility Requirements for student pilots
Solo requirements for student pilots
General Limitations
Solo cross-country flight requirements
Operations in Class B airspace and at Airports located within Class B airspace

Any fit person of at least 16 years old (for glider or balloon 14 years old) can apply for a student pilot certificate. This certificate is normally obtained together with the initial medical certificate by a FAA designated medical examiner. The student pilot certificate is valid for 24 months. You can start flying immediately with a FAA certified flight instructor.
The total time required to obtain the private pilot certificate for powered aircraft is minimum 40 hours total time. You need to pass a written test before you can take the check-ride with a FAA designated pilot examiner. The groundschool, flight training and test can be done both in the USA or abroad, depending the availability of examiners. Read also the Student Pilot Guide and How do I become a pilot?