The flight Training section contains information related to FAR 61 & 91. Any information on this site is superseeded by any national or international legislation concerned or any aircraft manufactures specifications and/or Airworthiness Directives. For the actual flight training and testing the FAA uses the Practical Test Standard (PTS).

This site was designed for pilots under training, FAA Certified Flight Instructors and FAA Pilot Licence holders. The purpose is to provide easy-to-use information regarding the requirements of the FAA for pilot training. The web links provided are referring to the latest information available from the FAA website(s). When relevant information is unavailable via the web, the link is inactive. The focus is also on Airplane Land certificates and ratings. Other class & category information may become available later on.

About the author....

Hans Van den Bossche is an active FAA Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument and Multi-Engine Land privileges. He started at first as a glider pilot in his home country Belgium and later on became a Flight Instructor at AeroMech Flight School (Scottsdale, Arizona). In 1997 he joined the airlines in Europe and became a B-737 Captain in March 2001. His total flight time is 5800 hours. He holds a United Kingdom JAR ATPL with A320 and B-737 type ratings as well as an FAA CFI-I MEI license and is a member of AOPA (01319486) Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association. Instruction is available on request. He is also a Flight Dispatcher and Performance Engineer for MD-11, B767-300ER, A300-600 and B737-300 800.

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