By bike:

Ghent is on the Kastelenroute (Castles route), the Leiestreekroute (Leie route), the Lieveroute (Lieve route) en the Rozenroute (Roses route).

By boat:

is at a 10 min. walk from the Portus Gandae.

By car:

Take the highway exit Gent Centrum B401, keep to the right and take the truck exit. At the first traffic lights, bear right. You are now on the inner ringway aroung Ghent. Keep to the left and follow the ringway over the bridge. Keep on following the ringway until you arrive at a big roundabout (Dampoort). On the roundabout, do not take the first exit. Passed the first exit, keep to the right and drive straight on in the direction of Steendam. You are in the Dampoortstraat. At the end of the Dampoortstraat the road goes over a bridge. In the middle of that bridge, bear right. You are in the Ham. The second street to your left is the Blekerijstraat.

By public transport:

Arriving at the Sint-Pieters station, take the train to Gent-Dampoort station. There you take a trolley bus (nr 3) in the direction of the city centre/ Sint-Jacobs/Korenmarkt.

At the Steendam stop, you get off the trolley and walk back to the water. Walk alongside the water until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge. You now face the Mimosa Tavern. The street at the right of the Tavern is the Blekerijstraat.
Approximately 300m further you find .