Frozen Frontier Expeditions

Where are we now?
Frozen Frontier
-- Exploring the arctic --
Latitude: N 51 0' 4.521"
Longitude: E 3 47' 29.701"
Expedition in progress:
Frozen Frontier Expeditions was founded in 2014 by Timothy Galle and focuses on traveling, exploring and experiencing some of the few areas of the planet humans do not control: the polar regions, both arctic and antarctic.
By joining Frozen Frontier Expeditions, you will be given the opportunity to explore areas most people have heard of, but only a few have explored them. You will witness  some of the most remote and hostile places the planet has to offer. You will learn to work with, and not against, nature. In addition, you'll witness first hand what you are capable of.
It is the objective to plan one big project every year. By using the experience of previous years, we will reach more remote, more hostile areas such as Antarctica and the North Pole. As a final mission, all the experience will be used to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility. A place some people tried to reach, but until today, no one has ever reached this legendary location on foot!