Frozen Frontier
-- Exploring the arctic --
The polar regions are one of the few areas on earth where nature still rules over mankind. When traveling these harsh worlds, people need to be aware of their vulnerability and need to adapt and respect the world around them. When disregarding nature when out in the field, things can and will go horrible wrong. But when being humble, these places offer experiences and feelings no other place has to offer.
Unfortunately, global warming is stripping us from these opportunities and we have to take them while we still can. Frozen Frontier Expeditions (FFE) is essentially founded as a place where people who feel connected with these regions and functions as a place where they can meet and participate in expeditions.
As a result of current technology, the golden age of discovery is long gone. Adds like the one published by Ernest Shackleton in a local newspaper (see below) will probably never occur again. The objective of FFE is to recreate the feeling of what it took to be one of the early explorers. For this reason, the expeditions carried out by FFE will be performed on foot without additional means of transportation (such as kites, dog sleds, motorized vehicles,...).