How to make Photoscenery with PhotoSceneryMaker


What you need (All freeware programs)


FS2000 Terrain SDK (Not current version!):



Inserting color aerial photos into FS9

Install FS2000 Terrain SDK into their default locations and run Photo Scenery Maker. It should display an options box asking where the required files are (the ones you just installed), browse around until you find them and click OK.

Imagetool folder you don’t need, we will use convim.exe to make the fs textures.

Now you must have a aerial picture with a resolution of 4m/pixel, a aerial picture taken from a altitude of 4500 m (14000 ft). will be OK. (4m/pixel the max FS9 can handle).

washington.bmp (resized to fit on the page)


Click File: New and beside “summer” click the three “.” and select the .BMP file

I only use summer seasons

click on the next tab labeled “output.” Select your output directory and base file name and click ok.

Now we must calibrate the picture with the correct position for the flight simulator.
We use the two points calibration method.
Click on the tap Calibration(C) … 2 Point calibration (O)

Move your mouse to a easy to recognize point on the left upper corner. And make a left mouse click

Finding this position is easy, you can use Google Earth to find the exact position.
Open Google Earth and go to Washington DC


Zoom in and point to the place where you need the position from
Below on the Left corner you will see the exact position
Use the coordinates like this
North is a positive value, 38 54 45.47 N = 38:54:45.47
South is a negative value, 38 54 45.47 S = -38:54:45.47
East is a positive value, 77 05 32.01 E = 77:05:32.01
West is a negative value, 77 05 32.01 W = -77:05:32.01

We use the following.

Now move your mouse to a easy to recognize point on the right lower corner. And make a left mouse click

Again via Google Earth

Again via Google Earth we find the second position
We use the following.

Now we are ready to make the Bitmaps & the BGL file.

Click now on Scenery Generation (S)
And on 1. Generate inf file

And Clik OK

Click now on 2. Resample

Click now on 5. Generate BGL

Click now on Close

Click now on File(F) Save as(A) and save the project for later use.

And Close PhotoSceneryMaker:

Make now a new Directory "texture" in your project.


Start now Convim.exe and convert the textures from the TmpBmp Directory to the texture directory

using FS70 DXT1 Bitmap.


Make a directory Washington in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery

And Copy the directory’s scenery & texture in it.

Start Flight simulator FS2004 and click on the menu SETTINGS & Scenery Library.


Click on Add Area & the directory washington in

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery and on OK

Washington scenery is now activated.

Close flight simulator and start it again,

Start your flight in Washington


Tutorial on how to add color to the picture.