Gally is the principal characters,however we don't know much about her.
She is born on Mars where she learned the panzer kunst a nativ martial art technic from Mars. there she was called "Yoko",
but it was the past that she forget...
One day a man named Ido a doctor in cyber-technology in kuzutetsu garbages and name her "Gally". As she couldn't remember her past, it is in the fighting that she slowly recover her memory.

The mastering of Panzer Kunst give her a lot of power fighting even when she risk her life and most of the time have no pity about them , she have a robot body but human brain but she have an gloden heart with lot humanity (something rare at kuzutetsu ). She is the most important character,a mysterious girl that you discover books after books.

Ido Daisuke

Ido is a doctor in cyber-technology and came from Zalem.
he had been kicked out from Zalem , and he is the man who discover. Gally in the garbages of Kuzutetsu Ido is Hunter Warrior too, it is his second job. Ido is like a father for Gally. and for her Ido is her only family.

More profiles comming soon!!


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