Yukito Kishiro profile


Date of birth: March 20, 1967. Origin: Tokyo
Manga artist
Debut: In 1984, "KIKAI" won the best newcomer manga artists award sponsored by weekly Shonen Sunday magazine.
Zodiac sign: Pisces, Blood type: O
Height: About 5 feet 7 inches, Weight: Heavyish
Character: Twisted mind
Hobby: Collecting theme songs of nostalgic animated series and making a collection of books on unnatural phenomenon.
Favorite foods: Chinese noodle, Curry rice, Baked custard pudding, and Chocolate pie.
Favorite animals: Octopus and frog
Favorite motorcycle: YAMAHA VMAX (likes Camel Cricket)
Favorite swordsman: Bungoro Hikita, Koguma Iwama, Doronosuke Hiziko
Respects Fighter: Masutatu Oyama, Bruce Lee
Favorite Specter: Dorotabou
Favorite UMA: Tatzelwurm, Mothman
Dislike: trend, a person who does things by halves.
Weakness: Alcohol, smoke, shrimp, crab, fishy repast,
colorful candle, dryad(Minois dryas)?, signing an autograph on square writing card,
and "Bamboo hat for Jizo" in Once upon a time in Japan.
This butterfly have some ring designs like eyes of snakes.
Cherished motto: "Do the likeliest, and God will do the best.",
"The frog in the well does not know the ocean, but knows the sky's the limit."



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