History and Services

Lighthouse International Real Estate Services is a multidisciplinary hands-on real estate services provider created in October 2002 by Wouter Coucke. Our aim is to provide you with professional consulting services, appropriate financing, competent project and development process management, investment advice and post acquisition property management.

Drawing our competences from nearly 10 years solid experience in real estate consulting and project management we can help you with the in-depth sector knowledge and the tailored solutions that make real estate a less risky business and a more profitable asset class.

Through a structured and proven approach and a flexible adaptation to you needs, we can integrate our services seamlessly with your organisation, thus providing a 'one team approach' to the real estate challenges ahead.

LIRES is a member of the Professional Insitute of Real Estate Agents (BIV/IPI), and can act for you as an owner or tenant representative, dealmaker or syndicus. Nevertherless, we are selective in these interventions as we attach great importance to avoiding conflicts of interest. In addition, Wouter Coucke is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which warrants that the highest ethical and professional standards are being provided to you.

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