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Hotspot Technology

As from July 2004, we are pleased to offer you acces to our high speed internet, wireless network. You can surf from any location in our cafe, including our terrace. The capasity and speed offered are usually in the range of 2mb pr sec or better.

In order to surf, you need to bring your laptop with you. If it has a wifi (wireless modem) built in than you are set to log in. If not you will need to buy a wireless modem so that you laptop can connect to the network. You can buy a network card from most computer hardware store. If you are in Brussels already, we can recommend the Mediamarkt store in Rue Neuve. They have an excellent selection of wifi/network cards at very competitive prices.

To access the Belgacom Hotspot Network, you will need to buy a 60 minute subscription card, which you can get in our coffee store. This subscription card can be used at any Belgacom Hotspot througout Belgium.

If you already have an ADSL subscription from Belgacom, then you can log indirectly. Remeber to bring you username and password !

Happy surfing.