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The SSVV, or Sezione Sperimentale Volo Vela, was formed by the Aeroclub Volovelistio Milanese to maintain and repair the club's gliders and also to build new designs. It concentrated at first on reconditioning Zogling and Allievo Cantu primary training gliders, and its first new product was the CVV 7 Pinocchio single-seat sailplane.
This was followed by the Spillo EC.37-53 high performance single-seater, a small series of the Urendo EC.38-56 two-seater and the prototype EC.40 Eventuale two-seat trainer, all designed by Eng. Edgardo Ciani, and the small Gheppio R1 single-seater designed by Eng. Gianfranco Rotondi.

EC. 37 Spillo I-AVME

EC. 38 Urendo I-AVMH

Eng. Ciani next designed the Uribel single-seater Standard class sailplane, and after five examples of the Uribel and Uribel B had been built a small series of the improved Uribel C was started, this version having a completely redesigned wing and a fuselage of reduced cross section, but otherwise being similar to the B. Like its contemporary, the Standard Austria, the Uribel B is a cantilever shoulder wing monoplane of all-wooden construction with a butterfly V-tail. The B's has plywood-covered wings with air brakes fitted, but no flaps. The fuselage is a wooden monocoque structure, with the cockpit canopy faired completely into the top profile of the nose section. There is a fixed monowheel and a small tailwheel.

Prototype EC.39 Uribel

EC.40 Eventuale

Data Uribel B

Span : 15,0 m
Length : 6,94 m
Wing area : 13,8 sq. m

Empty weight : 210 kg
Max weight : 350 kg

Glide-ratio : 29.5 at 80 km/h
Min sink rate : 0.68 m/sec at 65 km/h

Stall speed : 70 km/h
Max speed : 180 km/h


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SSVV EC.39 Uribel B c/n 013