26/01/1977 Friendly game

Italy - Belgium 2-1

Teams Dino Zoff (c), Antonello Cuccureddu, Marco Tardelli, Renato Zaccarelli, Roberto Mozzini, Gaetano Scirea, Franco Causio, Eraldo Pecci, Francesco Graziani, Giancarlo Antognoni, Paolo Pulici Christian Piot (c), Eric Gerets, Michel Renquin, Julien Cools, Hugo Broos, Erwin Van Den Daele, François Vander Elst, Paul Courant, Dirk Beheydt, Ludo Coeck, Willy Wellens
24' Graziani
77' Meeuws (own goal)
85' Piot (pen)
Substitutions InOutInOut
  46' Luciano Castellini
58' Claudio Sala
65' Romeo Benetti
46' Walter Meeuws
61' René Verheyen
Van Den Daele
  Walter Meeuws was quite unlucky in this game: he came on as a substitute for his very first international, and scored an own goal !
On the other hand, Christian Piot became the first (and so far only) Belgian goalkeeper to score in an international (albeit with a penalty)