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Katja & Klaas from LT Mo
Also send us all the way from Germany
a package with presents for our L's

Thanks both of you.

Jennifer & Wolfgang from LT Kindlefire
Send us all the way from Germany
a BIG box of candy's and toy's for everyone !

Thanks both

Without words .....

Luna Tale Humble " Blientje "

Ann & Willem from LT Haley & Loox
spoiled us again with sweet and the pups got a
nice hug from them.
And for the owner of Lollipop an extra gadget:
a chocolate lollipop :o)

Thanks Ann & Willem

Annelien & Henny from LT Kind Vigo
Also had a very nice gift for us.
Toy and candy for the puppies.
Bottle of wine for us and a few sticks for the big ones.

Thanks Annelien & Henny

Christina & Guido from our Roy
Were again present and had a very nice and fun gift, something for everyone.
Original chocolate sheep for me: o)
Beer for Sabine
and toys and candy for the pups and our gang!

Thank you Christine & Guido

Suzanne & Kobe from our Jimmy
Broth for each pup a lovely toy and candy stick.

Thanks Suzanne & Kobe

Ria & Luc from LT Bex
Brought a very hand maded chocolade egg for us.

Thanks Ria & Luc

Hetty & Peter from LT Jedi & LT Lord Lucan
Also were at our Puppy Nip and broth a box full of
sweets with them for us.

Thanks Hetty & Peter

Peter from our LT Hurricane " Caine "
Spoiled each puppy with a toy and brought for
us and the dogs have something nice.

Thanks Peter & Christel

Patries & Twan & from LT Hill "Buck"
Were also present as always and
brought great game balls for the L's

Thanks Patries & Twan

Julie from LT Go Hasss
& Jethro from LT Herd Shadow
Both were @ the party-nip of our Ejay & Loox puppies.
They brought treats for the pups and our gang along.

Thanks Julie & Jethro

Janny from
LT Gentle Em
& LT Lollipop

couldn't resist to make her presents by her own!
Not everything I could get on one picture
So ...

pictures 1 : presents for each pup


Thanks Janny

picture 2 : presents for daddy Loox

picture 3 : presents for mom Ejay

Anita from LT Toya
broth some very original presents for each puppy and some sweet for the biggest once :o)

Thanks Anita

Katrin & Marcus from LT Jake
again send by post all the way from Germany some toy's for Jake's brothers and sister !!!

Thanks Katrin & Marcus

Liesbeth & Mathieu from LT L...
were also present on the visiting day and
had for everyone something nice with them.

Thanks Liesbeth & Mathieu

Cécile from Inou that is matted with Loox
Also came to have a look at our pups.
She had painted a portrait of Loox,
and what a great result!

For anyone that is interested in a portrait
of his dog or child can contact:
Cécile Ghysels : 067/41 02 35
cecile.ghysels @ gmail.com

Thanks Cécile & Inou :)

Glen & Tine from LT Link
came and admire Link and the others they had treat
for all our dogs, a toy for each puppy
and a red bottle with them for us.

Thanks Glen & Tine

Steffi from LT Kind Tattoo
sent by post from Germany for each puppy a toy,
a Frisbee for dad Loox, a play ball for mommy Ejay
and a treat for us: o)

Thanks Steffi

Hetty from LT Jedi & LT Lord Lucan
came to visit and brought for each puppy a toy
and a nice bottle for us.

Thanks Hetty

Ann & Willem van LT Haley & Loox
came to visit our L's and brought the pups a toy,
Mom Ejay get some candy's and for us something sweet :)

Thank you Ann & Willem

Janny from LT Gentle Em & LT Lollipop
was again very creative :)
For every mom a flower and of course puppies are not forgotten with homemade toys and a treat to drink.

Thank you Janny

Sam & Michael already had a huge gift for
our upcoming litter of Jay & Loox.
So who thought would be one of the first
is already to late: o))

Thank you Michael & Sam

More brothers ???
And sisters???
To play with ???
To run with ???

Yeah bring it on !!!

You dearest sister Moon.