Luna Tale Inspire Pip
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Official name : Luna Tale Inspire Pip


Height : 49 cm        Weight : 14,850 kilo

B/b (carrier of brown)

CEA/PRA: free (2009-2010-2011-2012)

DNA CEA/CL : Normal

DNA CL : Normal by parentage

DNA TNS : Normal by parentage

DNA MDR1 : Normal by parentage

HD : A2      ED : 0/0     SD (OCD) : 0/0

Breeding certificate = Yes

Behavior test - Succeeded

DNA code = Progenus nr 125291



Luna Tale Inspire Pip, she truly is a little treasure !
My little devil dressed as an angel, jam-packed with energy and so adorable
Pip, as we call her, is clearly a grandchild of our Luna !
Which means she is the continuation of Luna ;
an enterprising, strong, brave, confident, enthusiastic pup and ... very talented in everything she does ;o)
This lady knows what she wants and won't give up before she gets what she wants.
And she is not afraid at all of new environments.
She thinks everything is fun now and she wants to play with everyone.
She's far from reserved and loves challenges.


Pip started competing when she was 15 1/2 months old.
In 1st grade she won one competition after the other. :o) Our 6th competition -
and at the same time the last one of that agility season - we went home carrying the title of "Vice Agility Champion 2010".
In 2011 Pip started running in 2nd grade, again almost always ending with winning places.
That year she also ran in the country finale of the Border Collie Classic.
In 2012 she started in 3rd grade and after only 8 WC selections she got her ticket for the most awesome competition of the year:
the Agility World Championship in Czech Republic !!!
All this, at only 3 years of age, no more words needed for this athletic girl.

In 2010 Pip became Vice Agility Champion at the Provincial Championship !!!
In 2011 Pip got selected for the Belgian team finale at the BCC in Denmark !!!
In 2012 she got selected for the European Open Agility 2012 in Sweden !!!
And again in 2012 Pip got selected for the
****** Agility World Championship in Czech Republic ******

In 2012 Pip selected herself again for the Belgian team finale at the BCC in Germany !!!

Pip has everything what I dreamed of when I see her working on sheep.
She has the right doses of self control, "eye" and also her distance and pressure are unbelievable.
Working with her is just awesome.
Her style as you can see above is amazing, (pictures at 9 months of age)
She competed in her first trial at only 16 months and already finished 1st. After the OLF she ended 2nd. :o)

Pip is really "my" bitch. We have a very tight bond already and have become a wonderful team in all our sports.

Pip from day 1 till 1 year