Luna Tale Ejay
Our Girls

official name : Luna Tale Ejay

Date of Birth : 02/02/2005

Tall : 49,5 cm        Weight : 18 kilo

CEA/PRA: free

DNA CEA/CH : Normal

DNA TNS : Normal

DNA CL : Normal

DNA MDR1 : Normal

HD : B1        ED : 0/0       SD (OCD) : 0/0

DNA code : Progenus nr 90687               



Luna Tale Ejay is the second daughter from Luna that I kept with me.
Ejay is a real “cuddle”, that’s why my girlfriend sometimes calls her Sweety ;o)
Whatever we plan to do: play, go for a walk, sport… she is always ready to go.
She likes everything: tug-of-war, play with the Frisbee, agility, retrieving… But herding is clearly on top of her list.
She is enterprising and fast, she is “our” Kim Gevaert.
Ejay is very keen with her own people and pack. She can not miss her mummy and sister Cute.
Ejay is a fast learner, always has been since she was a pup.
She became Obedience Club Champion when she was barely 8 months of age.

Ejay runs agility level 3, the highest level in Belgian Agility FCI.
She was repeatedly selected for the Belgian Championship.
In 2010 we were selected for the Big Price of Belgian !!!
Also in 2011 we were selected to take part at the European Open in Austria

In 2008 she win SILVER at the Belgium Agility Championship ! ! !
2009 & 2010 she was selected for the Belgium Agility Championship!!!
In 2011 she took part at the European Open Ag in Austria !!!
In 2012 she was selected for the Belgium Agility Championship!!!

It’s at sheepdog herding that Ejay shows the real value of a Border Collie!
From the beginning she fetched the sheep in a thoughtful, calm manner. She has a clear insight and a good
working style. Meanwhile she had the chance to get experience with different breeds of sheep.
She inherited the working style of her parents and she will rather choose to “stay” than to “lie down”.
Ejay shows a natural balance and she will never look back during her drive.
On her first trial in 2007 she took already the GOLD medal from 26 dogs.

When we have a Sunday free, Ejay and Sabine take part on Canicross Competitions.
Even in this she is one of the best dogs you can imagine.
When Ejay was barely 3 years old she took BRONZE on the
Belgium Canicross Championship 2007 ! ! !

Ejay from day 1 till an adult