Studio La Buanderie





The idea of building a recording studio at home has always been a dream of mine. 15 years ago, being in a period between bands, I was looking for an efficient composition tool and bought a small ProTools setup after having attended an impressive demo at a music fair. How was I to know that a "budget" demo I made for a friend's band, approached the sound quality of some recordings, I had done in top class studios.

I discovered my passion for recording live instruments and decided to turn my humble composition workstation into a studio capable of full band productions. Based on design tips from long term friends at Amptec, I started with acoustical treatment and moved up to a ProTools HDX system as used by the big boys and voila La Buanderie was born. Later I added more and more analog outboard processing such as compressors and EQs and in 2012 I went for the holy grail in recording: an old school, fully analog API 1608 console!

In 2016, we moved out of Brussels to a farmhouse in the village of Terlanen (Overijse), where a new project began to fit the studio in a huge Barn. At present, phase 1 and 2 of the project are completed with a fully fledged recording/rehearsal space of 4,5m x 8m with a 3,4 m ceiling and an acoustically optimised Control Room




The idea behind La Buanderie is certainly not to have as much audio "toys" as possible, which I believe is a very common problem in many project studios. Instead, I am putting my money in ensuring the best signal flow possible from source to disk. Take for example a vocal chain such as a Horch RM2J Tube mic / API Micpre / Thermionic Phoenix valve compressor / Manley Massive Passive EQ / Burl convertor and you will know what I'm talking about.

Of course I can say anything I want so please check the projects page for some soundclips!


Client Base

  • Joy of Jazz with Helena Fontyn, Pierre Anckaert and Jean Van Lint
  • Saxkartel with Tom Van Dyck, Andy De Clerck, Rob Banken and Matthias Van Den Brande
  • Evi Roelen and Pierre Anckaert with their new album Keep the Home Fires Burning featuring Emile Verstraeten on Violin
  • Rotomek with Romek Maniewski and Tom Van Dyck
  • Patronato with Frederik Lebeer, Mark De Jong & BamBam Rodriguez
  • Just Married met Jaak Clooten, Elise De Vliegher, Christian Willem, Robert Van Der Laar, Michel Smets en Guy Lucas
  • Yune with Ilse Melis, Mark Somers and Robert Van De Laar
  • Alien Groove Machine with Hugo Jacquet, Matthias Locker, Benny Van Acker and Jakob Eykens
  • Anonymous jazz band with Matthias Locker, Rodolphe Gatto, Benny Van Acker and Michele Maggi
  • Pierre Anckaert/Tom Van Dyck 4-tet with Tom Van Dyck, Pierre Anckaert, Mimi Verderame and Hendrik Vanattenhoven
  • Rubyland with Ingrid Weetjens, Koen Geudens, Lara Rosseel, Jean-Paul Estiévenart and Lionel Beuvens
  • Pierre Anckaert & Tom Vandyck
  • Anja Kowalski & Benjamin Sauzereau
  • Souny Sinto with David Becker, Thierry Delporte, Jack Fire and Druss Lecomte;
  • Hobo Jungle with Laurent Sterckx, Jack Fire, Pat Louis, Werner Braito (Vaya Con Dios, Purple Prose, Niagara,...) and Jean Baptiste Rozot;
  • Swell Rhythm Combo with Druss Lecomte, Pat Louis and Jack Fire ;
  • Wolke with Anja Kowalski (Flat Earth Society, Billie King, Purzelbaum Unlimited, Zwiebel , Art de Fakt sextet), Erik Bribosia (Matthieu Ha, Claude Semal, Mr Diagonal and the Blacklight Orchestra), Nico Roig (Os Meus Shorts, Music for Rabbits) and Yannick Dupont (Mr Diagonal and the Blacklight Orchestra);
  • Katy Too with Leen De Haes (finaliste Humo's Rock Rally 2004, Bint, Dirk Blanchart), Robert van der Laer (Riku Latti), Guy Lucas (Riku Latti) and Sam Kaerts (Riku Latti, The Rones);
  • Stepbrother George with Niko Hafkenscheid (Meg Stuart, Philipp Gehmacher), Miquel Casaponsa, Silvano Magnone;
  • Saxkartel with Tom Van Dyck, Kurt Van Herck, Frank Vaganée (Artistic Director Brussels Jazz Orchestra), Sarah Meyer (El Tattoo Del Tigre) and Tutu Puoane;
  • t-unit7 with Tom Van Dyck, Mark Haanstra (Agog), Ewout Pierreux, Herman Pardon (Octurn, Brussels Jazz Orchestra), Fred Delplancq, Michel Paré (Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Toots Thielemans, Philip Catherine) and Peter Delannoye;
  • The ignition with Julien Joris, Quentin Joris, Marie Gilles and Thomas Hunter;
  • Nox with David Christophe, Elie Rabinovitch and Catherine Graindorge ;
  • Conservatoire Royal de Liege (Estelle Franco & Mathilde Lefevre);
  • Fanfare Rage Dedans with Jean Paul Lossignol (PPz30), Paula Defresne (Ouïe-Dire et compagnie), Nicolas Ankoudinoff, (animus anima), Alain Marquet, Benoist Eil (animus anima), Etienne Plumer (Tomassenko production), Greg Duret and Christophe Morisset;
  • Roland Pec, Jacques Pili (Maurane, Lara Fabian), René Zaprzalka, Sigrid Vandenbogaerde (La Barraca), Véronique Georges, Kana Bukuru;
  • Quintesence with Tom Van Dyck, Robin Verheyen, Bart Van Caenegem (De Frivole Framboos), Guus Bakker (E.T., Pascal Vermeer, DTX), Mimi Verderame;
  • Esmé Bos (El Tattoo Del Tigre), Frederik Heirman (Gabriel Rios ,Moiano), Bart Borremans (Ellroy, The Millenniums), Producers Pierre Vervloesem & Benoit Suys