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The UCC was clearly developped for Falcon 4.0. The plethora of different versions available did not ease our development because along the route the Shared Memory was quite often changed and we were sent very often to the drawing boards. At this time, the UCC supports all version of Falcon 4.0 from the BMS 1.3 version. FF3, BMS2, Cobra exe and anything developped later is supported as well.
Falcon 4 Allied force is also supported of course.

There might be subtle differences between each version since they often evolved in a parrallel way. Luckily the headers remained the same and the backbone of the Shared memory system remained unchanged, allowing less headaches for us in developping the UCC. We want to express our sincere thanks to developpers from various Falcon horizon who decided to work that way.


Choosing the version of your sim is done through the UCC software. Each configuration can be saved to allow easy switching.

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