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On this page you will find a selection of pictures and video taken during the UCC development and beta testing.

First some videos (click the MFD button)

CMDS in action (without the panel) (1 May 2006) Gear retraction on the gear panel: (27 March 2006)
The speedbrake indicator and the magnetic switch (1 May 2006) the EPU panel (27 March 2006)
JFS light and magnetic switch (27 March 2006) CMDS in action (with the panel) (31 August 2006)
The RWR in action (8 Octobre 2004) Comparison of the display rate of the UCC DED (27 February 2005)
The Indexer lights in action (27 February 2005) The pilot forgot the gear (27 February 2005)

Then some pictures:

Three screen capture of the UCC software. The left one is the assignation of a light output. Middle picture is the lights output assigned on chip1 and right picture is the settings of the fonts for the DED and PFD


The evolution of the lightboard PCB. Leftmost the first ever with the first test with 4 yellow leds, that was a blast !. Middle is final prototype and right the final version etched by a professional company.

Lights implementation with the UCC: Caution panel, OSRAMS for the CMDS and eyebrow lights


Progress of the UCC in red Dog's cockpit. From one DED only (ded driver //) to the office to the full cockpit. No doubt, the UCC gives live to that piece of wood!


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