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10 January 2009:
The UCC was never updated since 2006 but still works perfectly with all Falcon versions. Nevertheless we do have a new run of lightboards planned as well as an update to impelment new functions. Most of the information are on the french forum, but we will try to duplicate required information on Viperpit as well
10 Octobre 2006:
The UCC will be demonstrated in red dog's cockpit during Simware flight Sim show event taking place at the Autoworld in Brussels - Belgium the 14th and 15th of October.
11 Septembre 2006:
I found some older videos shot while developping the UCC. Amongst them is a very interesting video of the display rate of the UCC DED compared to the Falcon cockpit DED. They are available from the picture page.
01 Septembre 2006:
The UCC website is launched after probably almost 2 years of development. We hope to have minimum 10 UCC available for cockpitbuilders before the end of the year. Have a look at the different pages of the website and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.


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