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The UCC project was born out of the cooperation between Serge 'Loulou' and Olivier 'Sharknoir' Courouble. Loulou asked some help to migrate the famous Rob Favre // led driver to Windows XP. Sharknoir volonteerd and after getting approuval from Rob's the led driver for XP was created. But Sharknoir decided to push the experience further by switching from // port to USB and implement LCD output and much more. The UCC was on track to become the central element of our cockpit. At first it was not intended to become a commercial product. I was meant to be used in less than a handfull cockpit, created and developped by a group of friend sharing the (almost) same philosophy of cockpit building.

Today the core of the team is lead by Sharknoir developping the UCC during his free time, Loulou who is developping the Xkeys Connexion kit and continuing developpement and distribution of the parallel lightdriver which might suit the needs of lighter cockpit builders. Red Dog constantly asking to implement new stuff and testing the UCC in his undergoing cockpit project. Biohazard & Martin 'Pegasus' bringing their deep knowledge of the F-16 parts and system. Arend "White Eagle" and Guillaume 'Dimebug' testing the UCC. And finally Mike 'Kabar' and Jay 'Creaseguard' from Viperpit helping with the CMDS kit.

The UCC was not originally designed to become commercially available. But the market being so small but so hi tech might actually use an interface such as the UCC. So the decision was taken to give it a try and a first run of 10 UCC will soon become available to cockpit builders. Stay tuned.

The two LCDs being tested during the UCC development. That was probably the first result after having started the USB version.

Biohazard provided great input as the look of the font we wanted to get for the DED and PFD. The above pictures gives a comparison of the real DED and the UCC display.
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