Undoubtely THE hottest discussion topic among GTV owners, the Aerodynamic kit (composed of a large rear wing and  two small lips under the front spoiler) repressent the N1 reason for splits of opinion among GTV onwers.

When launnched in 1995, the original design of the GTV came without the Aero kit. Even wehn the 3.0 V6 was introduced in 1997, the kit was still unvailable. Only later, with the restyling in late 1998, it became initally an option on all models and later in 2001 standard on all V6 models. With the launch of the limited 'Cup' series, the small front lip was modified and a large front spoiler (designed by Zender) was annexed to the car.

Coming from a 'spoiler free' to a 'spoiler included' GTV,  I am in a good condition to explore the positive & aspect sizes of the kit.

If on one side the 'spoiler free' side claims that the GTv was designed without (thereby should stay 'pure') and that the wing is too heavy for the boot, on the other side, Alfa claims a +5 km/h top speed increase due to better aerodynamic efficiency and some people go as far as saying that it was rendered standard on the V6 to improve the road handling.

All these topics are open to discussion. In this page I will simply present my car; before & after the kit, enabling people to grasp a better opinion looking at the same car in two styles... Enjoy!


Side view:


Rear View


Front View