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Hello to you he-man fan from around the globe, glad to see you made it to this page. Perhaps you would like to know about Orko's dilemma.... Well let me tell you it wasn't an easy one but finally he figured it out and the following thing is what he came up with: the site you made is called as the .be stands for Belgium a small country in the hart of Europe. So you could say you made it to the Masters Of The Universe website for Belgium. This motu site was launched about 1 year ago and was intended for fellow

Masters Of The Universe fans from Belgium. This is why this site, untill now was updated in Dutch, the primary spoken language in this country.

This site and it's forums have been a succes under motu fans from Belgium and the Netherlands where they also have Dutch as their main language. Where is the dilemma you are wondering, everything seems to go ok with this site?

Well to make a long story short.... A while back Orko looked at the stats for this site and was surprised to see that the amount of visitors increased a lot for this small he-man site. The reason for all these new visitors from around the globe was that several searchbots took a look at and listed it in their engine with the result you, and many other visitor's from around the globe made it to this page. But where is the fun when you find a site and you can only look at the pictures but don't understand 1 word of it's content or have problems talking to other motu fans on the forums. It take's the fun out of it don't you think. Well so did Orko and that was his dilemma. Instead of sharing the content of only with masters of the universe fans who speak the same foreign language Orko deceided to change the site's language into English so all of you international he-fan's can enjoy and be able to communicate on the forums.

Naturally maintaining a Masters Of The Universe site wich covers he-man from the 80's untill the new 2000 series take's a lot of effort and like you all know Orko has a bit of trouble with his magic since he lost his magical stick in the quicksand while he rescued young prince adam from the swamp monsters. Herefore have some patience while Orko make's new pages filled with content and images for this site.

Now that Orko solved his dilemma he encourages the webmaster's of other foreign site's like; and so on, to consider to change their site's language also to English so that all he-man fans from around the globe can enjoy their motu site and it's content to the fullest. Orko would also be pleased when you as a motu fan keep showing your support towards

Keep an eye on this site as many update's will follow soon.

May you have the power!

He-man and the Masters Of The Universe