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Byrds and Gene Clark fan Whin Oppice has just made the following offering: Gene Clark's "Opening Day" and "White Light" rough mixes from original A&M Studios' 5 inch reel tape, dated 2/3/71. 

Song lengths:


     Opening Day        4:09

     White Light          5:18
On "Opening Day", the engineer is trying to adjust the sound levels as the play is nearing distortion.  The song is stopped, levels adjusted, then played again in its entirety.

The high fidelity and stereo separation is incredible. Jesse Ed Davis' guitar work stands out as never heard before. These rough mixes do not exist elsewhere. 

Professionally transferred onto your individually numbered audio CD.  

Sold by subscription only - CDs will be released all at once when a minimum subscription of 50 copies is met.  Each copy will come in a jewel case with insert. (see photo). 

The quantity of CDs offered is not limited to 50 copies. As many copies as needed will be made.   



The price is US$11.00. Add the following shipping costs:

US - U$1.06

Canada - U$1.35

UK - U$3.20

Japan - U$3.50

Rest of the world - ask first. 

Send cash or money order to:

                           Whin Oppice
                           241 Rob Roy Lane, B
                           Prospect Heights, 

                           Illinois 60070




You can also send payment through PAYPAL (address =

In that case, please add US$0.75


Questions? e-mail Whin at