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 New York, USA 

5 august 2003

with Herb Pedersen

thanks to Richard Baker for the review and the pics

Writes Richard:

Chris and Herb played two shows at this intimate club in the Village.  The crowd was small (about half-filled for the first show and a few less for the second) but enthusiastic.  The pairís playing did not disappoint.  For the Byrds fan, the set lists provided great pleasure.  The Chris and Herb version of 8 Miles High was complete with fine harmonies and an extended mandolin break (the midget Rickenbacker?).  They did this for both shows.  During the second show, Chris rewarded an audience request with Have You Seen Her Face.  I believe this was the only song on which he played guitar.  During the course of the evening, he covered The Christian Life, I Am A Pilgrim, Tambourine Man, Turn, Turn, Turn, and Time Between.  He paid homage to Gene Clark as the underrated singer/songwriter that he was with a fine version of Tried So Hard.  Other highlights included Love Reunited, Love Thatís Above And Beyond The Call Of Love (a Buck Owens song written by Harlan Howard), Youíre Learning (Louvin Brothers with Everly harmonies), I Hear A Voice Calling (Stanley Brothers), Old Crossroad, Bakersfield Bound, Herb did a great A Good Womanís Love (a Bill Monroe song), Iíve Got To Be A Better Man, Wayfaring Stranger, It Doesnít Matter (Steven Stills), John Duffyís great Wait A Minute, Wheels, and Don Renoís No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine.  What an expansive catalog of music!  We were so lucky to be able to see this pairing, who tour so infrequently.  It was worth the night in NYC.  We did make the mistake of seeing Dylanís fiasco, Masked And Anonymous the next day, but it did not tarnish the glow of the Chris and Herb experience.  It is amazing to me how Hillman has matured and blossomed as a performer through the years.  His current renderings of Time Between and Have You Seen Her Face are head and shoulders above his fledgling efforts on Younger Than Yesterday.  Both Chris and Herb were accommodating to fans after each show.  Although clearly tired from a two show evening and the late hour, they showed gratitude to the loyal who came out on a weeknight to hear them.  For my wife and I, it was a wonderful two day vacation.  Like McGuinn, seeing Chris and Herb is a must.  They too are national treasures.  I do wish Roger would relent and do a tour with Chris and Crosby.  There is no need for new material and their talent puts them in a category far above a nostalgia/greatest hits act. 

Enjoy the pictures! 

Richard Baker, Baltimore, Maryland





  HERB PEDERSEN and CHRIS HILLMAN signing autographs










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