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These are the links to the most current documents: 

  1. Introduction to Magnetometer Technology
  2. PPM MarkIVb Specs
  3. PPM IVb (LCD) Manual Startup Procedures(May 6th 2012)
  4. PPM IVb (GUI) Manual Startup Procedures(May 6th 2012)
  5. PPM MarkIV Operator Manual (May 4th 2012)
  6. PPMPP MarkIV ZIP(this is the full Post-Processing package based on GNUPLOT for MarkIV systems)
  7. MarkIVB configuration options description
  8. Benchmark tests results
  9. PPM Utility for MarkIVB systems      
  10. PPM Utility Summary
  11. PPM Utility Program Description
  12. PPM Torpedo Design Drawing - Simpler Fish design


This Web Site describes all the phases and faces of our Proton Precession Magnetometer project which started back at the beginning of 2005.

The objectives of this project has been, from its beginning and till now, to produce the most effective PPM with a democratic pricing tag for non-professional users. The initial aim was to experiment and publish the schematics of a DIY PPM.

The first phases of the project were devoted to the gathering and study of all the information required to master this technology.

While at it, I have published all I could gather together with the summary of the results of my analysis and their practical applications in this series of documents:  PPM Guidelines.

From these documents, one can already learn the basic principles and make his own experimental testing.

Progressively, we have found out that there was still a large gap between the quality of the results coming from a DIY system and the quality expected from a professional instrument even if we have proven that a cheap, DIY PPM could be built by an amateur using largely available, cheap electronic components.

In order to cross this gap, we had to re-design and build our systems using professional-grade material and services as well as more sophisticated and more powerful digital processing devices. Thus, we chose to use all SMD components, double side PCB's manufactured and assembled by professional companies and fast and powerful 32-bit ARM processors as digital signal processors.

The first mechanical assemblies we produced had a rather amateurish look and feel and could not be easily reproduced in series. Thus, we also have chosen to sub-contract the building of the specific mechanical parts of the product like the sensor coils and containers.

Being a field instrument, we have also decided that all the mechanical design of the electronic box to be water-tight (IP68), not just splash-proof.


Looking at the current status of our project, we actually have succeeded to produce a mature and reliable product with professional-grade specifications but still, keeping its affordable price.

Each phase of our project has produced its own prototypes which were thoroughly tested in terms of Hardware and Software before being released for sales.

Each product version has been improved over the previous ones with more functions, easier human interface and higher standards of quality instead of adding marketing gimmicks like flashy colors or any spectacular but useless features.

Our current MarkIVB version is now what we could call our most advanced product with the mix of functional, electronic and mechanical specifications very rarely found in any equivalent commercial product.

This version is not a toy to be used by amateurs of treasure hunting but a sophisticated instrument which can be used by professionals in the field.

Our instrument can be used for underground surveys but its control box (with its GPS option) can also be used for underwater surveys provided the sensor coils are contained in a pressure-protected container and its connecting cable extended, shielded and doubled with a proper towing cable.

Here is a full document structure describing the progress of our project over the last few years PPM Guidelines

Pictures of the first fully assembled PPM-MarkIII unit and of a MarkIV unit with GPS option.

Description: D:\magnetometers\PPM-MARKII\IMGP1577.jpgDescription: D:\magnetometers\PPM-MARKII\IMGP1589.jpgDescription: HPIM0111


Description: D:\magnetometers\PPM-MARKII\inline sensor.jpg

Sensor with inline coils configuration

Description: Assembled sensorDescription: Coil plus end-capDescription: male-female connectorsDescription: hermaphroditic connector


Submarine survey sensor

Description: handdownsideDescription: handdownDescription: waistbackDescription: shoulder7

Various carrying methods

Description: Fotoğraf0028

Survey in Mountain

Description: my pictures017Description: IMG_1289

Fish implementations


Description: HPIM0275

Fish Prototype

Description: marinemag2Description: marinemag1

Underwater Survey system

Description: pressure test

Pressure Testing Machine

Description: HPIM1311


Description: HPIM1309

GUI Option