Academy Cricket Dream Team

Some good players may have been excluded for a number of reasons:

- I've simply forgotten about them !
- some players didn't play enough matches at the club (S.Redpath, D.McIntyre).
- some played their best cricket elsewhere (J.McCall).
- some gave up their best asset when they came to the club (A.Scott and bowling !).
- before 1980, I'm relying on playing records and what I've heard about other players.
- it's difficult to compare players from different eras.

Anyone who feels they have a better side (mine is subject to change).

Probables Possibles
1 Brian Kelso Mark Shields
2 Brian Stirling Ivor Marno
3 Robin Harrison Peter Noblett
4 Ian Moffett Tommy McAuley
5 James Jamison Trevor Blair
6 David Greenlees Michael Greenlees (wkt)
7 Ronnie McCarey Brian Coyle
8 Chris Davis (wkt) Johnnie Irons
9 Alan Campbell Ken Moseley
10 Rodney Briggs Brian Boyd
11 Tommy Bellieu Frank Parkinson