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I. Season by season averages (up to and including 2016)

II. 1st XI team statistics 1983-2016

        Complete playing record by type of match and venue 1st XI 1983-2016

        Playing record against each opponent 1st XI 1983-2016

        Team record highs and lows 1983-2016

        Best wins 1st XI 1983-2016

        and from the archives ... see also great collapses and comebacks from the 1980s and 1990s in the trivia section

III. 1st XI players' career averages 1983-2016

Note: Comparisons of players should take into account that i) the averages combine the seasons spent in Section One (1988-1989 and 1996-2000) with those in Section Two where the standard is arguably lower; ii) the 1st XI used to play each year in the Senior Cup rather than the Junior Cup; and iii) teams now tend to score more runs than in the past, meaning that younger players are increasingly at the top of the career batting averages but lower down the bowling averages. Indeed when it comes to batting, all players' averages tend to be higher this century than they were in the last! Nearly all those who played in the last Millenium have better career averages in the period 2000-2010 than before. As for bowling, restricting each bowler to a maximum of 10 overs means the number of 5 wicket hauls has fallen. Similarly, the career bowling averages and economy rates in particular are getting much higher.

a. Appearances (1983-2016)




b. Batting (1983-2016)

        Top run-getters 

        Best average

        Highest scores 

        Great seasons with the willow

        Fifties and 100s (sorted highest to lowest)

        Fifties and 100s (sorted by player)

        Fifties and 100s summary

        Record partnership per wicket

        Century stands

        Fifty partnerships - summary

        Fifty partnerships

c. Bowling (1983-2016)

        Top wicket-takers

        Best average

        Strike rate

        Economy rate

        Best bowling analysis (5 wicket-hauls or better) 

        5 wicket-haul summary 

        Great seasons with the ball

        Economic and tidy figures  (not updated since 2001)

d. Fielding (1983-2016)


Archives: some very old 1st XI individual players' career profiles (not updated since 2001)